Saturday, March 2, 2013

ScholarShip Award :)

This is my third time taking scholarship award :) However, they change the rule of taking the money :\. Last time, we just take and then wait for the ceremony to finish or some people take le money jiu run. So now, they change the rule. When you go up, we take is an empty envelop :( So need wait until whole ceremony finish then can take the real cheque then can leave. This idea smart right? so that people won't take le money run away. 

Anyway, i was surprised to see Yee ren there :P It good that my junior did well in their studies :D

So i reach there super early because we still need to register. 
See the guy in white there in the above picture? That's Yee Ren :D

So the speaker speak :P
Telling us the rule and also what to do.
We still have rehearsal! Amazing right? :P
Last time don't even have!

Very easy to recognize my sister. She is the most short one.......Aiya! Our family all short lah! 
Yup! Me and sister both take :)
Hope this year i can do well so next year can take again :P 
 Bye :)

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