Saturday, March 30, 2013

Throwback :)

Hello everyone :) As you all know, March holiday was already over and that's so saddening :( I still haven finish my March holiday homework for your information :P Hahahaha :P Motivational camp was fun :) Although it didn't really motivate me.....But it's okay :) They very friendly and kind. Not only that, they have encouraging words and stuff which i really like. Because some people just like encouraging words instead of words that bring us down isn't it? :) I really like them and i will blog about it once i transfer my photos into computer :) 

Throwback :) Taken in the KFC after band :)

SO CUTE!!!!! 
I even set this picture as my whatapp wallpaper :P

Wen Jiang sent me this picture of him!!! It so rare to see him so serious :P 
Serious guy is good ;)

Okay luh, that's all :) Have to go sleep soon :)
Tomorrow still have tuition *yawn* :)
Goodnight everybody :)


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