Thursday, March 14, 2013

Valentine Day 2 :D

Finally updating my blog again :D From the title you will see that it about valentine day again :P I'm going to say about the presents i receive :P

 Thank Joseph, Yan Ling and Vanessa for the gifts :D 
Vanessa present is a bottle filled with love messages and actually it suppose to read one message in one day only....
But because i didn't know...I read all the messages in one day.......
Joseph present is a turtle that remind me of Ebenezer and the box of eraser which is couple eraser. One for me and one for Ebenezer. And the messages also very touching :)
Yan Ling present is chocolate cornflakes which is very delicious!

Thank Lena for the chocolate chip cookie :D
It really taste delicious !

See!!!!!!! See the domo wrapping paper!!! Freaking cute can!!!!!!!!! 
Thank sister for this!

I personally love this picture a lot :D 
Ebenezer like spongbob and i like domo! Best combination ever!

And also this 2 cute handphone pouch mummy got for me :D
Thank you mum!

Heehee!! My favorite double chocolate frappe :P

My effiel tower :D
This is actually an eraser that my uncle got for me :)

And this is my home made hot chocolate :D 
I follow the recipe on youtube. 
Her youtube name is foodytuby :P
It actually very yummy and the chocolate very rich :P

Anyway thats all for now :D bye :D

PS: Still very stress about my F&N recipe :(

PS: Good luck to Ebenezer Quah for tomorrow biology practical exam :P
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