Monday, March 11, 2013

Valentine day 1 :D

Finally got time to sit down here and blog :) Okay luh, not really have time.....Because i haven done my homework yet and worse still, there's Geo report waiting for me to be done! Anyway let get started :D Finally, for once, i think Valentine day is meaningful to me :P 

Firstly, i have to thank Vanessa because she lend me her kitchen, equipments and some ingredients :) And also she teach me how to bake and how to measure :D Because under her guidance i successfully bake delicious cookies for my darling, bandmates, seniors, juniors and classmates. And also sorry Vanessa because I accidentally injured her when doing the cookies in progress and now she have scar on her hand which make me feel very guilty.......But anyway, Thank you Vanessa :D 

Secondly, I have to apologies to those people that never receive my cookies. Especially Millenn because he is my junior. However, i will still give him presents but not now. :P 

Okay, so really get started now :)

So, i and Vanessa meet and went to buy ingredients :P After that go back to her house and started doing. Measurement alone was already so hard........Haiz....Cooking was so hard and i hated it :( Anyway, i still successfully done it ;)

Testing the size :P

Chocolate cookies and milk cookies :D

Milk cookies :D 

Baking in progress :D 

I even bake one that is bigger than my palm :P

 Packaging :) Still write little notes for them. And also ask them to drink more water because it extremely heaty :P

Here now is what i give to Ebenezer :P 
I gave him the biggest cookies and 2 small cookies :P

DIY origami rose :D This is my second attempt though :) My first attempt look like lotus :P
Will post the fail flower at the end :P

I even DIY the Valentine day card :D Somemore is a pop up card :D 
I quite happy though because first attempt consider success :P

So, i paste another colour paper outside to cover the hole :D 
And is his favourite colour :P

I even stick the couple keychain in the heart :P The keychain is a girl and at the back it have my name :P

This is the card cover page :P He like spongebob so i drew spongebob and patrick for him :P
I actually decided to draw on T- shirt and gave it to him but then i scared failed :\
So end up didn't try :P

So this is the couple T-shirt Keychain :P

This is the back of the Keychain :P
And yes, i wrote it myself :P

Because the rose is so pretty.........So i have to camwhore :D 
 Oh ya! The fail rose.....

Okay luh that's all :D Bye :D 

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