Tuesday, April 30, 2013

30 APRIL 2013

Today is quite a nice day until i get my CA1 mark and also my Chinese oral held today. For the first time in my entire 16 years of my life, i think i screwed my Chinese oral. The picture i don't even know what to talk about. Disaster. I predict this years i have no more A1 anymore :( Sad sad. *sobsob* I'm so gonna kill the teacher! The teacher say he haven see the paper but end up you know what, the paper is he set de! WTF! Anyway it over, it okay......HMMPT!!! *angry* Speech day already over. Write letter to my junior and Sec 4.......... See them cry really make me sad :( But luckily still have June. There a art night! I WILL BE BACK GUYS! Didn't take any picture with them during speech day because i think pictures is not that important. All those precious pictures is already in my heart :) Anyway, recently the weather is a killer :( DAMN HOT CAN! Oh yah, today also have health check :) Luckily all went well :) Also this Friday mid-year exam start le :( Haven been studying haiz..... so yah.... that's all for my ranting :( Bye :D

See!!! All couple couple! See Joseph expression so funny!
My dearest hubby!!!!So cute!!! and annoying WenJiang! Hahaha :P
But did you see the background? Vanessa and Jonathan :P

My cutie son! :D
See the background especially beside Jason! Hahaha!!! Seriously :'D

Really going to miss all this kind of gathering after band......Soon it will not have it anymore after they graduate :( 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

What to say?

Hey guy! I know it been a long time since i posted! I seriously can't find the time to update my blog as i'm really busy :( A lot of test and exam is coming up and have tons of homework! Ahhh!! Life of a secondary 4 is so tough! Hope i can hurry solve all of it. Soon, speech day is coming.....I don't know if i will be crying or what but seriously i will definitely miss the band. Miss all the memories i had..... Even though sometime i hate it to the very max.....But still, band is my second home :( I meet a lot of nice senior, junior and friends :) I really like to hang out with them and also play music together etc. All this memories will be miss.... After stepping down, i have to 100% focus on my studies le. The feeling of not being able to go stage and take prizes is seriously killing me :( No matter what, this year i have to get good score and go stage! You know what, how i hope we won't so competitive among each other.....How i wish we can go back to the past where we all are good friend....no conflict.... no lie..... Sometime position really can kill people heart..... Anyway! Let me post some drawing that i draw when i was free last time :D I think all this drawing i have already throw away le :P Just to post for memories....

This is my sister draw de

This ocean also my sister draw de.

PS: I learnt. Sometime, some of the things doesn't need to work hard. Just need to put some lie, some acting skills and you will get what you want from the boss. Yes, i admit i feel damn jealous because the boss doesn't like me because of my attitude suck. But i was being truthful because i don't want to force to like someone when i actually don't like. But now i learnt. Things doesn't need to be truthful. We all must learn to be 2 face bitch in order to get what we want. But then again, i wonder..... aren't they sound like dog? Why we must follow order rather than your heart? So i told myself, i don't wanna be a dog that ONLY follow owner order. I'm gonna be the owner, the boss.