Tuesday, April 30, 2013

30 APRIL 2013

Today is quite a nice day until i get my CA1 mark and also my Chinese oral held today. For the first time in my entire 16 years of my life, i think i screwed my Chinese oral. The picture i don't even know what to talk about. Disaster. I predict this years i have no more A1 anymore :( Sad sad. *sobsob* I'm so gonna kill the teacher! The teacher say he haven see the paper but end up you know what, the paper is he set de! WTF! Anyway it over, it okay......HMMPT!!! *angry* Speech day already over. Write letter to my junior and Sec 4.......... See them cry really make me sad :( But luckily still have June. There a art night! I WILL BE BACK GUYS! Didn't take any picture with them during speech day because i think pictures is not that important. All those precious pictures is already in my heart :) Anyway, recently the weather is a killer :( DAMN HOT CAN! Oh yah, today also have health check :) Luckily all went well :) Also this Friday mid-year exam start le :( Haven been studying haiz..... so yah.... that's all for my ranting :( Bye :D

See!!! All couple couple! See Joseph expression so funny!
My dearest hubby!!!!So cute!!! and annoying WenJiang! Hahaha :P
But did you see the background? Vanessa and Jonathan :P

My cutie son! :D
See the background especially beside Jason! Hahaha!!! Seriously :'D

Really going to miss all this kind of gathering after band......Soon it will not have it anymore after they graduate :( 

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