Sunday, April 21, 2013

What to say?

Hey guy! I know it been a long time since i posted! I seriously can't find the time to update my blog as i'm really busy :( A lot of test and exam is coming up and have tons of homework! Ahhh!! Life of a secondary 4 is so tough! Hope i can hurry solve all of it. Soon, speech day is coming.....I don't know if i will be crying or what but seriously i will definitely miss the band. Miss all the memories i had..... Even though sometime i hate it to the very max.....But still, band is my second home :( I meet a lot of nice senior, junior and friends :) I really like to hang out with them and also play music together etc. All this memories will be miss.... After stepping down, i have to 100% focus on my studies le. The feeling of not being able to go stage and take prizes is seriously killing me :( No matter what, this year i have to get good score and go stage! You know what, how i hope we won't so competitive among each other.....How i wish we can go back to the past where we all are good conflict.... no lie..... Sometime position really can kill people heart..... Anyway! Let me post some drawing that i draw when i was free last time :D I think all this drawing i have already throw away le :P Just to post for memories....

This is my sister draw de

This ocean also my sister draw de.

PS: I learnt. Sometime, some of the things doesn't need to work hard. Just need to put some lie, some acting skills and you will get what you want from the boss. Yes, i admit i feel damn jealous because the boss doesn't like me because of my attitude suck. But i was being truthful because i don't want to force to like someone when i actually don't like. But now i learnt. Things doesn't need to be truthful. We all must learn to be 2 face bitch in order to get what we want. But then again, i wonder..... aren't they sound like dog? Why we must follow order rather than your heart? So i told myself, i don't wanna be a dog that ONLY follow owner order. I'm gonna be the owner, the boss. 

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