Friday, May 24, 2013

21 may 2013.....FNN Practical OVER!!!!!!!!!~

FINALLY GUYS!!!!!! MY FNN PRACTICAL OVER!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!~ BECAUSE OF PRACTICAL I HAVE BEEN WORKING DAMN FREAKING HARD LIKE ALMOST EVERYDAY......LOL! Nah not everyday actually. BUT! I DID SPEND MY TIME TO FIND PICTURE FOR MY MENU CARD, EDIT AND MAKE IT INTO MORE PRETTIER! AND! I NEVER GO ORCHARD WITH ZIYUN,LENA,GILLIAN AND REICHI BECAUSE OF MY DAMN FNN! LOL! BUT I STILL HAVE FUN THOUGH WITH LINGLI! AND I SAW MARCUS,VANESSA AND SIEWYI! ACTUALLY IS THEY SAW ME HAHAHAHA! BUT BECAUSE I WAS SO BUSY FINDING THE PRETTIER MAT FOR MY FNN AND SOME NAME CARD AND STUFF I DIDN'T HAVE THE TIME TO TALK TO THEM *STRESSUP* Anyway, i should talk normally now. HAHAHA! I actually finish 3 dishes within 2 hours :D Thanks to my mum and dad who always help me and giving me advice at home when i'm doing :) And also thanks god :D Since total i have 4 dishes but i didn't complete in time because i only finish 3 dishes, teacher tell me to finish one last dish so i did :) I actually think that i did a pretty good job and also thanks Teacher for giving me advice when garnish and make my dish even prettier and also Mrs Theodore make my dish until damn class i swear! THANK YOU REALLY! I REALLY APPRECIATE! Sadly, i can't take any picture of my pretty dish because it is Nlevel dish which is we shouldn't tell other what it is and also i don't know why some people still manage to take pictures of their own dish because teacher say we can't take. So good luck to those that put it online, hopefully teacher won't see it or else you doom. AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE LOL! Anyway finally burden off. Now i have to face my coursework which is still in a disaster :( But July is the coursework deadline, so i will continue hang on until July and another of my burden is off :D So i can focus on my FNN theory :D Anyway, all my result for MYE is back. Never did well though even though i failed 1 subject only. But the problem is all subject that pass, the mark is like.....shitz. so yah, sian! Today gonna make macaroon! So goodluck to Fann! :D

Should show you guy the pictures i edit for my menu card background :P

This is the original

This is what i edit :D Final result :D 

PS: Currently having hard time transfer phone photos to computer. Sorry about that! 
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