Wednesday, May 29, 2013

28 May 2013 :) and 29 May 2013

Hello all human out there :D I'm back! As you can see i'm started to blog regularly because i was so damn free!!!! Hahahaha joke.... Anyway, Today we have photo taking section which is to take class photo :) We actually prepare our sunglasses for the funshot :) All went on well but when i take a look at the photo that is in the computer, it actually not bad but me and LingLi was like outcast and awkward so yah. I don't know what to say about that. Hahaha :P Maybe i just doesn't suit in this class because i hate my class quite a lot :\ I swear that if i successfully graduate from my secondary school, i will NEVER EVER miss my class. NEVER! And i can guarantee that :) I will just miss Band, seniors and juniors THAT'S ALL! So after photo taking, lesson as per normal so i went for my Chemistry class but the teacher is not there and the EOA is lock! So i have no choice but to went back to class so the rest of my day is boring, Boring and BORING. So, let skip skip skip! After school, have to stay back for principal talk and also teacher talk to brief us about N and O level :( So soon yah.....O level Chinese is just next Monday :( 

You know what, i actually finally understand this picture!
So this particular girl (not to mention name) school skirt is shorter than me. And when photo taking she sit beside me and teacher saw it, she actually reprimand her and say her skirt very short and compare her skirt to mine. After that when teacher walk away, she actually say BURDEN. She never mention who burden so i obviously never ask her since i and her not even close. She may be saying herself burden (which i think it is *smirk*) or the teacher burden or me. So if she saying me burden i will be VERY HAPPY ABOUT IT! REMEMBER THAT! HAPPY! Because i know this is something that i do it right! My skirt is longer which is obey the school rule and her is not. So cheer!!!!!!~ :D 
Anyway that's all for today! :D 


So today is Wednesday :) Everything went on well :) Saw LingLi braces!!! It so cool!!!! She say it not that hurtful when putting it in because they put a lot of numbing cream! I wonder when is my turn to put braces....Haiz... Don't have the money :\ BUT.....FUTURE EARN MONEY JIU CAN PUT LIAO! Anyway, coursework is really stressful :( I feel like crying seriously :(  Just hang on there Fann!!! July jiu finish le! :) And also Chinese intensive went on well :) After school is English Oral! I just aim for a pass so yah i pass :D THANK GOODNESS! :D 
The oral is about pet so...........I say until damn agitated can! The teacher was like FANN CHILL CHILL!!! HAHAHAHA :D SO FUNNY!!! :'D

So yah! All went well and i very bless of my life right now :) Because i think i should treasure life right now :) 
So, teacher finally upload our timetable on the LMS for the special term and also i receive form which indicate what holiday homework i should do and i was SHOCK! THERE ARE A LOT NEED TO BE DONE! AND FNN TYS NEED DO FINISH ALL! YES! I SAY ALL! WHOLE BOOK! I WAS LIKE WHAT?! So yah, June holiday you want to slack is a no no. At least to me is no. 

Opps! It not that clear :X Anyway, it seem like it very short but.........AFTER SCHOOL WE HAVE FNN COURSEWORK AGAIN! So, EVERYDAY i have FNN! :O Horror of my life :OOOOO FNN each day was like 4.5 hours to 5 hours of coursework! :O HORROR! 

So, this is Ebenezer timetable. Just in case he never go LMS so yah :) 

So i actually skip my dinner! Hahahaha :D LOL! Nah, when i'm hungry i'm gonna eat chocolate chip cookie or chocolate cake later :P 
As you guy know that i failed to bake macaroon ;( Which is so saddening....But i will never give up! I will continue to try and bake! But this time round i'm gonna find a new recipe online because that recipe that i use doesn't work so yah :) BYE! :D 

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