Thursday, May 30, 2013

30 May 2013

So today is Thursday :) Everything also went on well :) Just went through Chemistry exam paper and then realize computer mark it wrong! Whole class answer is correct and the computer mark it wrong!!! YES! I JUST SAY WHOLE CLASS GET IT CORRECT! Anyway my Chemistry class is small. Like only have 9-10 students only. So after that is Geography :) Learn quite a lot too and for the first time i really listen carefully of what teacher is teaching! After that is RECESS!!!!!!!! Control myself not to eat too much but i failed anyway.....So later on is PE!!!! For the first time i participate the game and guess what is the sport i playing during PE! IS SOCCER! I KNOW RIGHT! FANN PLAY SOCCER?!? HAHAHAHA JOKE! But really, i really play soccer and really participate into the game. I play with my class girl ONLY! Because guys are too violent :( Play with girl so fun! They keep scream and shout! Hahahaha :D This also mean i perspire a lot! YES! This make me not so guilty for eating too much! Hahahaha :D So later on, I get to see my CCA point! Did not get A1 though :( But still have A2 :) It still "A" anyway so look at the bright side! :D After that, me and Lingli actually late for Amaths class because PE delay the time and stuff........ So get to learn new things which is integration part 3! Hahahaha :D I still haven do the homework though! Gonna do it later! :) Then later do Emaths correction during lesson! Mrs Tan actually help us to plan time out to revise our maths! SEE!!!! GO WHERE FIND A TEACHER THAT SO NICE!!!! SHE REALLY VERY CARING AND KIND I SWEAR! Although she sometime very fierce when she angry! Hahahhaa! She actually did a timetable for us and tell us which day to do which chapter so we can revise and catch up! SEE! SHE DAMN NICE! This is the first time i saw teacher did this extra work for us okay! I confirm will do and revise because i can't just disappoint her! I promise i will try my very best! So after that half way maths, teacher have to go photo shoot and express Chinese have to go do Chinese mock exam! SIAN! But luckily today is the last day for Chinese intensive! Woohoo!!!!~ I actually don't really know what i am writing when doing the composition though.... Really have to go read more Chinese composition starting from tomorrow or maybe later :) So yah! After that Home sweet home at here blogging! :D

 Eat chocolate cookie and drink chocolate milk just now! Hahahaha :D 
Was planning what i should do later on :) Maybe just bathe and then do homework and then sleep! :D 

Anyway! This is my toes nail look! :D Paint a new colour and new design :D Leopard print :D 

   So yah bye :D 
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