Friday, May 31, 2013

31 May 2013 / A day out with friends :)

TGIF!!!!~ I'm finally back home! Today PE was fun! Was playing badminton with LingLi! Keep laughing and laughing :D I bet i burn a lot of calories hahahaha :D That's good! After that is Emaths! And i totally did not know that we need to bring topical Emaths assessment book! Because all those that go Chinese Mock exam didn't know! And nobody tell us about it! WHAT IS THIS?! Anyway, whole class only 2 brought so no big deal anyway. Later we have social studies! Damn burden can! I don't like social studies :( Still have homework need to be done! :( Later on is recess and then is Biology! :D So biology teacher explain and stuff...I typically do nothing anyway. Then later on is FNN! FNN also did nothing as 3 periods cut down to only 1 period. Then teacher brief us about holiday CRT. Then later on, the last 2 period is giving out report book. No more level and class position anymore. Actually that's quite good because i know i did not do well :\ So yah, after that have to find Chinese teacher to get some stuffs. Waited him for damn long! But i think it worth it lah :) He say he have confidence in me to get A1 for Chinese. I also hope i can get! Hahahaha :) Hope i won't disappoint him because if i get A1, next year i will not take Chinese anymore. So now, home sweet home blogging! I'm kind of tired today don't know why......And both my eye hurt like mad! I feel so hungry now....Maybe should go eat my cookies :P And also get some sleep! Hahaha :P Today suppose to bake macaroon de but then mummy already mop the floor so not baking macaroon today anymore :( Kind of sad....But it's okay :) 

PS: For the first time in express Chinese my email writing get 17/20 and the anyhow write composition get 30/40 LOL! 

Anyway, this is quite a pretty long ago post. It about going out with Ziyun and Gillian to Orchard, Scape and Far East to shop :D 

This is what i wore 

So we go out shop shop! And this is what i bought! :D

YES! The black color hat :D

Finally i bought it! It crazily expensive can!

Also bought this hairband :D

White color cat hairband :)

Red color cat hairband :)

So yah! A lot of my faces :P Hahaha typical! 

Bye :D 

PS: Somebody birthday is coming :P Still thinking what to give :P
 PS: Good luck to everyone taking Olevel Chinese on Monday :D Including me :P

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