Friday, May 17, 2013

MYE END!!!!!!

Hi guys! I'm back! Like a finally! EXAM OVER!!!!!!YAY!!!!!!! However, my F&N practical is on Tuesday! Nervous nervous :\ Just now already went to cookery room and prepare some of the equipment le.. Ahhhh!!!! Tomorrow gonna go Daiso and see anything i can buy to decorate my dish :P Also, Tuesday, all my result are back le. I already can predict what i fail liao -.- Decided to enjoy and work hard during the June holiday! Hahahaha :P This few day study until siao liao. Am having break out on my face. Gonna start taking care once again :P Exam didn't really end though....Because i'm taking Olevel Chinese, i have Chinese Mock exam again and again 5 FREAKING TIME........Kind of wonder why Emaths don't have because i also take olevel Emaths....Anyway, i already prepare to take another time of olevel Emaths liao. Confirm screw this year.... Okay lah that's all for the quick update bye :D 
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