Sunday, May 5, 2013

Random post :)

FINALLY I BLOG AGAIN! WOO!~ This maybe is the last post that i blog because exam start le! I promise you all after exam i will be back ;D 1 paper down le and that is Chinese ! Next is Maths! Stress! Anyway jiayou everyone for taking the exam! :D 

All this pictures below is long ago pictures hahahaha :P

A bunch of domo stuffs sister bought for me :P

Mum also bought another one which is domo wallet and domo handbag! Woo!

I also fold random stuffs like origami heart :)

Origami devil heart :D

Did you guy play this uno block????? DAMN FUN!

See my swollen finger! Amazing i know!

Nex ice cream! I get one scoop for free because i wear pink on wednesday :D
It pink day!
And i swear it damn delicious!

And also, from sasa i bought this 2 mask! Haven used it yet because don't have the time to it.... sigh....Will try it after exam...LOL!

Also, my sister photo club card :D 
As you can see we go wash photos :P

Tada!!! This is what i wash out! Hahahaha :D 
Now have a lot of picture with him le. So i think i'm gonna go wash again :P

Flag day! :D This is my second time do flag day le. Damn fun! :D 

Here is LingLi! :D flag day together :D I swear it damn fun really!!!! 

After flag day go eat with band member :D
As you can see on previous post :D 


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