Sunday, May 26, 2013


Hi everyone. So finally i can transfer my phone photos to computer!!! YAY!!! So i found out that my computer have virus so it going to die pretty soon and also the picture folder spoil. Photos that been transfer to there can't be seen so i have to open another folder that contain my photos which is window live photo gallery :( But it okay, at least still have my photos :) Everything have to think positive :) Recently keep getting headache....I have no idea why i keep headache :( Not only that, i also realize my vision something like....went blur but when i have an eye checkup it all okay. So i was wondering if my brain have something wrong or not....LOL I should really go whole body checkup. 


Haiz. I feel weird. I don't know how to say but i just think i'm weird. Nowadays, i can't seem to be able to focus things and i feel extremely lazy. Even i told myself stop procrastinating but i still don't have the energy to do it. I don't know what thing keep me distracted but i just want to lie on bed and relax and sleep or do nothing at all. Seriously strange. I was like....Lose control over my own body. LOL I really can't control..... I think i need help....I need someone to push me forward. I really don't know how to describe my feeling of my own body to you all seriously...The only words i can describe is just weird, strange and feel tired all the time..... 

Anyway! I'm still fine now. Can walk, can run, can breathe, can do things so i'm not going to think so much :)

I know this picture is random but i think my eyes look nice here HAHAHAHA! 

I don't have double eyelid but somehow it grow itself recently but sometime it disappear so yah! I hope my double eyelid is permanent !~ 

So yah! BYE! 

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