Saturday, June 1, 2013

1 June 2013 / Random drink i love

Hey guys! :D Good morning :D Anyway, it already strike 12pm.....But i don't care! Just wake up not long ago and decided to blog :P Horrible sia. I still haven start studying -.- I should start studying by today liao! :( JiayouFann! I can do it de :D Since it is early in the morning, therefore nothing to say HAHAHAHA! But it okay :) I still haven eat my breakfast sia! :( Never mind luh......SUA! It good to have flat tummy! LOL! JUST KIDDING! I'M GONNA EAT RIGHT NOW! Seriously, why does people always post their report book grade on twitter, instagram and facebook? I mean you can post but seriously you get so well yet you say is lousy -.- Please lah! Think about those people that get really lousy than you can? -.- Anyway, my mood haven spoiled yet so yah! :D CHEER!!!! I'm really very hungry i gonna go eat NOW. BYE!

You know life is awesome when you have Green tea honey early in the morning :P

Still remember that time i have a very bad sore throat and Ebenezer actually bought this and put it infront of my door :P I found it so sweet :P

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