Friday, June 14, 2013

14 June 2013 :D / HongKong pictures and band noticeboard :)

Hi readers :D So again, procrastinating once again :P Anyway, today there's nothing to talk about. Saw Fatihah instagram and she bake macaroon again!!! Jealous to the max! Hahahaha :D Seem like i have to practice more too :P I have to get the baking machine so that i won't whisk my eggwhite until die of exhaustion :P hahahaha :D So here is the HongKong pictures :D 

I really like this one! :D With disney castle at the back :P
I miss disneyland :')

French horn section :D
But don't have Clara and Millenn though :( They never go :(

At the Victoria Peak :D I still remember there damn cooling and shiok :P 

So that's all for the pictures!
Now move on to band noticeboard :P

So firstly, i meet Rafael at Compasspoint so we can buy some paper and markets to decorate for our noticeboard and again, i late again :P
So yah, he actually went to library and borrow A LOT of books to read.
Anyway moving on. 
So i accompany him to eat KFC and then chit chat a little bit :)
After that, headed back to band room with our bubble tea bought from Rivervale plaza :D
Rafael dink 2 bubble tea though! 

So get on with the work baby! ;) 
I actually collect section photos and band photo of course and actually wash it out :)

So here is Rafael :D
I pass the secretary badge to him le ! :D 
When i go back for the arts night, i saw bandroom inside de noticeboard that he design, quite nice eh :)
So here is me! The expire secretary :D

Vanessa did come and see us and help us though!!!  But she don't want take picture!

So here is the end products :D

So here it is :D I feel so satisfied :P

Mr chin did saw and say nice and he still give us suggestion :) 
But then Mr Wong demand us to take down the NVSB logo because it too long and interfere the choir board.
Mr chin is the choir teacher in-charge but he also never say anything, i really don't know why Mr Wong mind so much. He actually tell us it not nice and the pink and purple doesn't match the background blah blah blah and still tell us to re-do. Luckily Yiying walk pass and i ask her nice a not and she say nice because pink and purple is her favorite colour! Because of her help, me and Rafael argument with Mr Wong actually won hahahaha :P
Haiz......Good old day back then.....I MISS BAND :'( 
I wanna go back for the sec 1 bonding but that day i have FNN CRT so....i don't know if i can make it anot.....Hopefully can and also i wanna know what the minor problem that Mr Wong said so yah.....I hope the minor problem is really minor lah because i heard from them that if next year band not enough people, they actually wanna take down band as a CCA which mean there no more band anymore. It really sadden me to hear that because this 4 years band is an awesome CCA to me. It teach me a lot and i very VERY SUPER close to bandmates so yah. *cross finger* 
I will rush my FNN coursework so hopefully i manage to attend the sec 1 bonding :) 

So after that, i, sister and sister boyfriend go to Hougang mall to have dinner which is SUBWAY!!!!

Very nice bread :P EGG MAYO!!! LOVE LOVE MUCH!

Double Chocolate cookies *.*

It even bigger than my hand.....LOL or maybe my hand too small :(

And i also bought this Domo bag :P
Super love it :)

So we also bought eggtarts from Nex :D! Guys, after 9pm, one eggtart is $1 :D

That's all for today post :D Recently weather damn warm so take good care of yourself guy! Drink more water :D

Eat more ice cream too :P


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