Tuesday, June 18, 2013

18 JUNE 2013- FB GAMES / PingYi speech day

Hi guys! :D I'm back again :) So as per normal, i'm procrastinating again LOL! Recently so addicted to facebook games!!!! I know, i know. Facebook is like nobody use anymore but the games i play is seriously so addictive!! For most people, the games i play is like very boring. But, i still want to share with you my games! WAHAHAHA :D I play CSI Crime City, Criminal Case, Dragon City and Tetris Battle! :D So, CSI game i actually long long ago play. It not that fun because you need to find evidence and then process the evidence and then you still need to wait for your energy and stuff like that! I re-play again is because in that game, my rank is 77 which is first among all my friends so that is why i play. While for criminal case, i super love that game! It typically the same but the only different is, the evidence i process, i have to ownself process and also gather all the evidence and choose which is the suspect and who is the...well criminal. But for CSI it doesn't. We can't choose which is the criminal and so the evidence we gather is like useless to me because you won't get to choose which is the criminal so...what for reading the evidence right? So i will love to play criminal case! However, the only thumb down is it actually have to wait for the energy also :( But overall it okay :) For dragon city, i actually play is because i saw my brother and sister playing using their ipad. They were like so addicted! So i try to play and is really fun! Typically this game is to buy dragon eggs or use your 2 dragon to breed :) And then you will get different dragon and stuff like that! You have to ownself plant foods too! It just really fun! Those dragons are like your pets! woo!!! How i wish in real life i have a pet dragon!!! It so cute and fierce and well....fun! Sadly there is no dragon in real life! Okay, if there is dragon in real life i would probably scared until i faint. Oh the dragon also can combat with other dragon! So cool! anyway moving on. So tetris battle i bet everybody know so i don't need further explain that :) Okay! So let move on talking about PingYi speech day :)

This is what i wear :)
So, on that particular day which i forget when, we actually go Joey school and watch their speech day! :D However, i didn't take a lot of photos though....So i late for the meet up and make them almost can't make it on time LOL! AND JONATHAN ANGRY! Hahahaha! For like the very first time! Luckily he never angry very long like 1 minute? LOL!!! IT A LONG JOURNEY THAT I FALL ASLEEP!! Actually i should sleep because i have motion sickness! On the bus i think they playing game on their phone and they make a lot of noise! Anyway i prefer them to be noisy rather than quiet because it will be so weird. So when we reach the school, we blocked by the security guard so meaning we can't go in because i think we don't have the ticket or because need someone we know bring us in. So joey come down to bring us in. So after we in the hall waiting for it to start. And at this point of time i wanna pee! wtf right? Somemore i'm the only girl and i scared to go toilet! cb really -.- So after that you all guess what happen because i can't say. The only thing i can say is that Ebenezer damn sweet! Hahahaha!!! So i watch the performance and some are really awesome! I like how their school have angklung because it remind me of my primary school! Their music are awesome and i remember got this one guy damn engross he was like totally in his music world! BUT! I LOVE HIS ATTITUDE WHEN PLAYING MUSIC! Because this mean he put in his feeling when playing music! So later on is modern dance........and my expression was like WHAT?! THIS IS MODERN DANCE?! Now i know why our school modern dance get distinction because Pingyi modern dance is like Chinese dance so yah not modern at all. But it still nice though! Chinese dance is like their dance behind have a story which i really like :) So after that i can't remember but later on is band! Woo! I have always enjoy marching band because music with some action always caught audience attention! So yah! I love it! After that, we waited Joey, Shafiqah they all :) And go eat mcdonald i think! :) So we waited at the canteen and eat their buffet ;P 

Heart shape lollipop given by him :D

Me and him :)

Their rose is so pretty!

This is Eben :P

RIP to my hat that he wearing. My mum go wash and now it out of shape! My $19 fly :'(

So yah, they actually try out my hat! They say Ebenezer look like those that dance modern dance and when Ibnu wear my hat, in certain angle he look like Bruno Mars i swear! Then Jonathan is like those formal people and either is Joseph or Wen Jiang they look like street dancer and those that play guitar on street! Hahahaha! Just very funny! :'D
After that we have to headed back home and Ebenezer have to go first because if not he will not be able to catch up his bus. So this also mean he cannot send me home plus he very worried about me going home alone because it already very late. And guess what, Wen Jiang, Jonathan and Joseph  promise Ebenezer that they will send me home. See! This is what brother/friends for! They are so nice seriously!
So, they send me home and they keep singing those very very very old song! I mean sing old song can but the song they sing is like so scary! Plus that time the wind quite big! But still a very big thank you for them :D 
So yah, home sweet home :D

So this is the origami box i do to give my junior birthday present :P Inside contain something of course!
I know it a bit ugly though hahahaha!

My daddy actually do this! Damn nice i swear !

This also nice! Cousin mother give it to me :D

This also nice! :P But this is buy from shop HAHAHA!

Chocolate to me is all nice! 
That all for today post! Bye :D 
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