Wednesday, June 19, 2013

19 June 2013- wind rashes / arts night

Hello everyone :) I'm back with a new post :P Going to update finish my few month story hahahaha :P So the haze decrease and increase like a roller coaster! Currently, the PSI is 146! Hope the haze faster go away and never come back. So i found out that Eugenia have the same rashes as me and that is feng mo (wind rashes)! If you guy don't know what is feng mo, basically it is like a mosquito bite but is on our whole body! And they link together. It is very itchy. It is not dengue, it is just rashes. So what causes feng mo? I went to Google search and get a shock. So, we allergic to EVERYTHING! YES! I SAY EVERYTHING! What the hell right? seriously? So, what causes feng mo is allergic to seafood on CERTAIN season. Crazy right?! WTH!! And it can come whether is weather too hot or cold (depend our body temperature), dust and air! YES! AIR! And it CANNOT be cure. There is no medicine, no nothing to cure this rashes. It can all over your face, your back, your tummy, your leg, your hand, your butt! And i'm serious here. It itchy like hell and i know because i experience that. You cannot blow until wind also. And feng mo is a really weird rashes as it will heal itself but it take time. So, currently this weather, it so hazy, we can actually get feng mo already. Hahahhaa :P So anyway, i play a new level of criminal case and it so disgusting seriously. The case is so disgusting that i want to track down who is the one that kill the victims because this killer actually use a very cruel method to kill the victim! gosh... Okay moving on to arts night :)

So during arts night that day which is a Friday, I finish my Coursework at 4pm. After that, i rush home so that i can put my heavy bags at home and also eat so called lunch/dinner. So after that also wear my contact lens and change into band uniform so that i won't need to change in school :) 

Anyway this picture is taken during speech day :P

After that, IT FREAKING RAIN! WTF! VERY BIG YA KNOW!~ So me and Ebenezer actually late because 4:30pm we need to fall in and we reach there was like 4:45pm??? But no worry! On our way, we saw Ikbal and Ibnu and Wen Jiang! Hahahaha :P
After reaching the school, we went to band room and wait for instruction. So we actually take our stand go up to the hall so it is easier for us as we only need to carry file and instrument. So yah, we just keep waiting in the band room until night, so we practice and of course, relax and taking chio photos :P

CLARA! Hahahaha!!! Seriously! She is my pedo friend! :P 


Ebenezer and me! With Charmian behind! PHOTOBOMB!!!!

Wen Jiang was like WTH! So he crop picture out! Oh my god! So funny! Hahahaha :D 

Millenn actually look like odd one out so we.........

Yup! Push him to the front :P

Me and Claire :D

Siew Yi and Me :D

Siew yi, Jason, me and Clara :D 
The background match my hair! It look like i have pig tail in it! HAHAHA!

All the sec 4 :D

The Sec 4 girls! Got boys though, but i don't have their picture! I know me and Claire blur in this picture because Wen Jiang is the camera man and he say 1,2,3. When he say 3 he voice actually off pitch so we laugh!!
I actually hold it in but Claire burst out laughing so yah, i also laugh! :'D SO FUNNY!!! :D 

The so called good photo now :P

So after that we perform :D
And then finale :)

Ibnu and Ebenezer! Gosh! Wen Jiang look like monster behind! oh my god! 

So they get the don't know what thing so they can pop and then got thing fly out....I don't know what that call....LOL



Did i say i almost can't recognize RuiMin?!? She become damn pretty!!!!!! Oh my god! I so happy she came and see us perform. Although i didn't really talk to her because i have to bring stand down to band room :) But it okay :) We did sms and chat a bit :)

So after that, we went to RP mcdonald and eat :D 
then home sweet home :D

Please check out this video!

We all have been practice hard! Please stay tune behind for band video!!!!  You know, good thing must wait -wink-

This is taken when we have late arts night rehearsal :P Was eating Pastamania :D

PS: Credit to all the people that send me or tag me in this photos!  

PS: Now waiting for my sister to come back home so we, family can go out and eat dinner. And she now in shuttle bus because MRT broke down at Serangoon Nex :\

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