Sunday, June 2, 2013

2 June 2013

WELCOME JUNE HOLIDAY!!!!~ LOL! For secondary 4 students, we did not have June holiday so soon okay! We still have exam and school and still need to study! :( Tomorrow is Chinese O level exam liao! So fast! I'm so scared, to be honest! I have been studying a little bit here and there. I hope i won't disappoint myself because i aiming A1.......I swear if i never get A1, next year i'm gonna retake Chinese again and take exam AGAIN. So yah, i'm pretty scared lah!!! I also scared i forget to take things tomorrow.....Haish!!! Shouldn't think too much! So to relax myself after studying a little bit, i decided to blog and also change my blog skin! Unfortunately, i didn't manage to find blog skin that i like so i never change. However, if you click profile on my blog which is where i introduce myself, I remove the SHINee picture and also my own picture. But you will see a slideshow which contain my photos that i upload to instagram because i link instagram picture to my blog! After doing that, i also help my best friend Li wen to do her blog skin because her blog skin got some problem. All her link and introduction clash with her post so i help her to shift the introduction and link away and i manage to do that! YAY!!!!! Finally i can read her post properly! Hahahaha :P So yah, there nothing much to say about it.

 Jiayou everyone that taking O level Chinese tomorrow! All the best and good luck! :) 

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