Thursday, June 20, 2013

20 June 2013 / Wedding dinner :)

Hello everyone! Recently being thinking about joining nuffnang! Still wondering though! Hahahaha :P It a sad thing i do not have friend that join nuffnang because if they join, at least i still can ask them and know more about nuffnang. But anyway, moving on~ The haze in Singapore is seriously terrible! :( OH MY GOD! See this!

It seriously bad! You can see it decreasing, but still high! 
But, better than nothing right?

Now you walk on the street, it a common thing to see people wearing mask and sunglasses!
Like a celebrity -wink-

Anyway moving on to the topic of wedding dinner!

So this is how i wear! HAHAHAHAA! JOKING! 
I wear like this because i and my family go eat breakfast :P

This is how i wear at night! I know right! It a dress! Okay lah, this dress is my sister because i don't have a lot of dress hahahahaa! 

So this include my heel but it was like blend in with the floor! HAHAHA oh my god! 
And the one standing beside me holding a comb is my mum :)

ME :D 

Sister and me :D 

So here is the dining desk !

Then as per normal i keep eat and stand and cheer and what not. The special thing is that, when they walk in, they sing while walking in so is different from other people. Because other people just walk as normal lor. Nothing really fun when going wedding dinner lah.....I just love the foods. Oh! And the bride wedding dress is nice!! It a freaking purple! Woo!! The hair accessories is like fairy tail because is floral and stuff like that!!! Gosh! Everything is just so nice! Especially the foods!

So that's all! After that we went home and then bathe and then sleep! :D 

One more picture of me :P 
I camwhore a lot but i know you all will tired of my face so yah! hahahaha :D 

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