Friday, June 21, 2013

21 June 2013 / Daddy birthday :D 9 June 2013

Hello everyone :) So today, i'm gonna say about my daddy birthday :) So early in the morning i eat breakfast which is........

Cookies and chocolate milk! Life is good :P
After that we go out and shopping at Bugis i think or Orchard....I forget :P 

 This is what i wear :)

This include my shoes but it kind of blur because mummy keep shaking me and stuff and also the lighting not good :( 
After shopping, we go eat tian tian huo guo :D 

This is taken from Google which is long time ago where people can sit outside and eat. Now we can't.

It damn delicious but at the same time it kind of hot and the oil actually will splatter so your skin will suffer! And i swear it damn pain! 

We actually can sit outside eat which is more good, comfortable, less hot and less squeezy. But the problem is that the government actually will close down their store if they do that because is illegal i think or maybe will like.....not convenient to those passerby. But they say soon they will open a new store and want us to support them hahahaha :P And i definitely will :) 

After this, they still give us free ice-cream for dessert! :D See!! How can not support them? Moreover, their foods is really nice!

After eating, we went home and get this :P


This is my first time eating this because at certain time they will have offer just like the Nex eggtarts :P
So i bought 6 cupcakes to try :P And i swear it damn nice!
Their cupcakes is so soft and spongy!!! :P I love it :P

And since is daddy birthday and we didn't bought any cake....So yeah! Cupcakes will do the job! :D

Heehee :D I swear my daddy very cute :P


We broke the record man! PSI 401 at 12pm! 
The air quality is hazardous!  
Seriously guy, please wear mask when going out because currently have small particle that is so small that it can go to our lung and cause cancer there. 
Please drink more water and take good care of yourself!
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