Saturday, June 22, 2013

22 June 2013

Hello everyone! Yesterday, i eat supper again! I swear i will gain weight man! I eat sushi, oyster omelette and mee siam! It so nice! Also, yesterday i sleep with my parents too! I know i know. Fann so big already still sleep with parents! Well, because they on air-con, so i sleep with them! Plus it a good feeling to sleep with parents because....I mean like the older you get, the chances you sleeping with your parents again is lesser! So yah! Aiya, you all won't understand until you experience it yourself luh! Although my room have air-con too, i never on mine because i don't want to on so many air-con later end up the bills is really expensive so yah....This also the reason why i go squeeze inside my parents room. I know i know, i'm such a  sensible daughter! 

Recently feel like reading Chinese version fansfiction! Yes, 就是小说! LOL! I know i very random and my homework is like mountain.... I really really can't be bothered anymore. I mean like all my motivation already missing! AIYA! I BLAME ALL THIS ON HAZE! Make me can't go out! Seriously -.-.

 Today, i wake up late which is like 4pm. I eat my "breakfast" and now waiting for my dinner! I know right! Ridiculous! But i know you all also experience this before! -wink-. I wanna try macaroon again but because of the haze i can't go out to buy more almond meal and my parents haven bought me machine yet! :(  I also want to buy ramekin so i can do pudding and chocolate lava cake! Since i have microwave, i do not need to use double boiler to melt the chocolate! :P

Anyway, i realise a lot of people trying out the new instagram video! WTH seriously! My phone no memory space therefore cannot update and i can't see all those video and i also can't video myself luh! *rage mode on!* However, their thumbnail some are really epic though! :P 

Anyway, that's all for today! I know i have no life and my life is boring. Bear with me! hahahaha :P BYE!

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