Sunday, June 23, 2013

23 June 2013 - Nightmare, bandmates.

Hey yo people! Have a really bad dream last night! Dreaming about ghost coming after me. 

I actually wanna put a really scary one but i scared later people scared and never ever come to read my blog again....LOL
Seriously.....I don't know why i dream about that because recently i never watch any horror movie and stuff.... And, the ghost actually strangle me and i feel suffocated (obviously -.-) But i never die though....and i don't want to die. I remember the place even! The place is where i have my maths tuition! CB! You know in real life, my tuition teacher actually can see that thing you know! Idiot! Plus, i still have to go tuition even if is seven month which is like ghost festival! Also, it quite near already eh! WAH! seriously! :'( Can i don't go for that maths tuition....LOL! Still have to go anyway! Moreover, the place is like at Yio Chu Kang and is like so far away from my home. And my tuition end at 9PM AT NIGHT! KNS! I have to ownself take MRT home which will be like 9:45pm and then i still need to walk home from MRT which is like the other end! Shit lah seriously :'( And by the time i reach home will be like 10pm to 10:15pm. Argh! Horrible feeling right now....And also, i don't dare to go toilet by myself because i go before and is mad creepy and plus i don't have friends in tuition class. I know i know, i'm such an anti-social person. But the things is, i never saw that ghost face...Walao eh seriously creepy -.-

But then it not totally nightmare because after that i dream about going to other place and then is my school. I dream about bandmates! And you know what! We are preparing and going to go perform! And then later on my dream is just a mess and i don't really remember! I know got one guy actually playing a guitar, a song for me. But i just cannot remember his face! Argh seriously -.-. 

Anyway, so after that i wake up....And is like dinner time for me now...Yeah and i gonna accompany my mother go outside eat.. So yah :) Bye :)
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