Tuesday, June 25, 2013

25 June 2013 - Ice Rain, Changing new blogskin :)

Hello everyone! :D As you can see i finally change my blogskin after for so long! :D I use the whole afternoon to make the blog skin and i just finish it! I'm so proud of myself hahahaha :D Because i love my new blogskin now! And it full of my face! HAHAHA :D OH AND FLORAL! Mobile users view my blog can't really see though but it okay! Mobile user view my blog still can see my face! HAHAHA :D I'M SO HAPPY AND HYPER NOW! FINALLY CREATE MY OWN AND NO LONGER USE THE CLASSIC VERSION! Woo! :D Now i can change my background and picture depend on my mood! :D 

So anyway, i bet most Singaporean know that today have ice rain also known as hailstone at Jurong East and Bukit Batok. I first didn't really believe nor really know what is ice rain. So i ask Jason on twitter and he send me this! 


He doesn't need to explain because i know while seeing this picture!

So after that, Xuan Xuan daddy which is our uncle, actually came to my house and tell me that today he at Bukit Batok and he experience this! He tell me it damn pain because the ice is very big and well....hit until you obviously will pain luh as it is solid instead of liquid! So i was shock! So this is true! This is a really cool thing because i never heard of this before but it super dangerous and it also mean the Earth is really sick! 

But just now i watch the news, it said that this happen will not cause acid rain so yah! PHEW!~ I really cross finger that this kind of ice rain will not happen again because as i said i just saw the news and a lot of trees collapse and this kind of rain will injured people. 

Anyway, i finally received free N95 mask! :D So meaning i can wear them when i go out hahahaha :P

Hmmm.... I have nothing to say now! So yah! Take care everybody :D Bye :D 

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