Thursday, June 27, 2013

26 June 2013 - Gu Family Book Ending! :(

Hello! Did you guy like drama? I like drama a lot! But it a sad thing that i can't watch a lot because i know once i watch i won't stop! I will just chiong finish the whole show! Plus, i don't have the time to watch :( Pretty sad thing uh! However, i watch finish Gu family book! :( Okay, not really finish all because i only watch the back part and never watch the front part. The reason is simple because i only watch when my sister watch and when i found out she watch this show it already near the ending. However, i still really like this show even though i only watch the back part! Today is the last episode and i cry. My tear just can't stop and keep falling down! Seriously! The ending part is so sad! But i don't really like the ending not because Suzy die inside nor they didn't get together, is because the ending just keep me in suspense. But I really glad it show that after life Seung gi saw Suzy but aiya very hard to explain the ending. You guy should watch it! The show is really nice! I really hope it have season 2 *cross finger* If not i think i will kill the director of this show! HAHAHA JUST KIDDING! But yah, really hope for season 2 because i definitely will watch it :) Seung gi and Suzy better be together at the end! Hahaha :D Which i think it will!

So yah, that's all for today because i spend my whole afternoon watching this show and never did any homework and stuff like that :\ Should really get my work done because i only left 4 days of holiday :P. And tomorrow i still have to go do my English project! Hmmm.....Nothing to talk for now! BYE! :D 

PS: I should really just get over this show and wait for their season 2 which i hope have :P Going to see how Seung gi woo back Suzy :P Since after life Suzy can't remember him :( 

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