Friday, June 28, 2013

27 June 2013 - Doing project, Sale girl

Hello guys! I know it already 28 June, but to me it still 27 June because i haven sleep yet, so i doesn't count as tomorrow! So anyway, I just bathe as i just got home. 

Firstly, i went to Lingli house to do English project! I'm really shock that her house quite big! And is two storey!!! So meaning, have staircase like Chloe house!!! Okay, it exactly like Chloe house! It is my dream house man!!! I always want to have staircase in my house because it just like.......So class??? LOL and i feel rich! But i always have one question! What if i break one leg? How am i suppose to climb the stair and back to my room? Okay, so who can answer me that? 

Anyway moving on! Walking down the staircase make me feel like a princess! LOL i don't know why i have that thought but just....yah.....So, get back to project work! We brainstorm and then write down the answer and then well.....divide the part that we have to read! :D So end up we successfully done :D

 Secondly, after we done, we went to Hougang Mall to get double chocolate frappe!~ So they said now Hougang have Starbucks! Well....I'm not really a fan of Starbucks even though the drink is really nice because well.....It super EXPENSIVE! It just kill me for drinking one time please! That money i can go buy one nice dress!!! LOL! I mean clothes because i don't really wear dress.

 So, we shop around and go to the bakery shop that sell all baking and cooking things. I want to find ramekin but unfortunately the shop didn't sell it :( So it kinda sad because i really don't know what place have sell ramekin. But i decided when i free, i'm going to try my luck and see if Daiso have it. Daiso is like all people favorite place because all items is so cheap! It just $2! 

Thirdly, after shopping, my parent come Hougang Mall too so i join my family. So, Ziyun and LingLi go home. Then, my family came is because my brother want to cut hair as school reopen soon. But, we go eat dinner first which i eat nothing because the frappe make me really full! After that, they just keep walk and walk to find toy gun for my brother because he want it of course! So after walking for so long, we finally found it! And then since Hougang have Pasar Malam, i go there to shop for clothes and stuffs. Some clothes and short really caught my attention but i still didn't buy it. Anyway, moving on. So after buying the toy gun, my brother go and cut his hair. 

Then, here is the story about the sale girl!

 So now, i ask you all, who like sale girl to be around you and STARE at you when you compare products and see your things? Who like? Just tell me who like it?

 Seriously, this particular sale girl really argh!!!! I went into their shop wanting to buy my facial cleanser because i use finish my old one (DUH!!!). So i went inside and this sale girl actually walk toward me.

Sale girl : Do you need any help?
Me : No need, thanks :)


Seriously, how can that be NOT annoying???  Argh!!!! It just piss me off because it just damn irritating! It give me a feeling that.....the sale girl don't believe their customers and believe that customers will steal shop things -.- I mean, i already said i DO NOT need your help and why you keep following me????  If i need help, i definitely will ask you to come one what! And some more the sale girl was like stare at you at whatever movement you have. Seriously, i don't like people follow me and stare at me when i compare products and thinking what i should buy because i will feel stress. It is the same thing as when you are having examination and when teacher walk and stand beside you, you definitely will cover your answer or stop writing because you don't want the teacher to see and think how stupid your answer is.

It just natural for people...or at least me! I am so irritated that i can't concentrate and the sale girl actually ask me and said " do you want me recommend you some products that suitable your skin?" I mean, when sale girl like that ask it okay and is polite but me, myself obviously know which products suitable my skin and i didn't even ask you to recommend me products so why you recommend me? 

So, because i do not want to be impolite, i said no need and walk out of the store. But my mum, is still comparing which hair shampoo she should buy and that freaking sale girl walk the same way as me and me went to my mum side because i want to ask if she decide already and that sale girl just stand there and stare at my mum. WTF! You are just giving my mum stress -.- . So my mum keep asking me which to buy and sorry mum for giving you attitude because i really want to leave that shop as soon as possible.

 Finally, my mum bought the shampoo and my cleanser and walk out of the shop. THANK GOODNESS!

Then my mum whisper to me and say that sale girl keep stare at her and giving her stress and SHE! DON'T LIKE THAT TOO! SO NOT ONLY ME WHO THINK LIKE THAT! Anyway, it good to vent my anger out here. 

I know being a sale girl is not an easy job and i also believe that different customers want different services. But this services is definitely not the one i like. But anyway, it over now :) 

So that's all for today :) Bye :D 
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