Friday, June 7, 2013

6/6/13 Thursday

Hey yo everyone! Soon it will be Friday le! WHAT THAT MEAN? Meaning it end of my special term and also ARTS NIGHT! Sorry about yesterday because i did not blog. BUT! I HAVE REASON! Yesterday after coursework, i straight away go band for Arts Night rehearsal! We rehearsal until quite late which is like end at 8:45pm to 9pm. Plus, we still have to go eat dinner/supper at Pastamania! Yeah i know, again! :P So i order the waffle again :P BECAUSE IT SO DAMN NICE! Hahahaha :P Quite envy Wen Jiang though because he tell me he going to USS! AND I NEVER GO BEFORE :( It so damn expensive can......If the price is lower, it will be awesome but....haiz FORGET IT! STOP DREAMING FANN! THEY WILL NEVER LOWER THE PRICE BITCH! Anyway, i very happy/hyper to be back in band again especially yesterday! It good to see my juniors and senior once again! Band always have interesting/happy things happen around so yah i really love it!!! So, the hall will be air condition which is awesome!!!! Meaning the air-con is ready! -winkwink- And also there are red carpet! AND AMAZING THING IS THEY HAVE SPOTLIGHT! So meaning, if you are performing, the spotlight will shine on you and the whole place is dark which also mean THE STAGE IS YOUR! AND EVERYBODY WILL BE FOCUSING ON YOU! Good is good but.....We have to get use of the spotlight because the spotlight is infront of us. And it so bright that i only can see conductor shadow and my score was like difficult to see. I don't know if that call shadow though....It like you are seeing angel, you can see the figure and shape but you can't see the face LOL! Or maybe a bit of face.... I should show you picture!

Kind of like that but the light kind of soft (I DON'T KNOW IF I'M USING THE RIGHT WORD...) But it look like this lah but more angelic? Like more softer look not too harsh?? Like.....Still can see a little bit face but like hidden??? AIYA I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING LAH! WHATEVER! 

So yah, everything just look damn grand and classic so i really LOVE it :) Hope tomorrow performance is a success though because we are the first one to perform :P

After that funny thing happen! Jason actually do something funny with Kamarul. They pretend they playing guitar and piano and they fake singing and stuff like that which is very funny because of their action and expression so yah i laugh like siao can!! :D The most funny thing is teacher saw and actually expose Jason but not Kamarul! Hahahaha :P So whole band know and laugh :P This is why i like juniors they always so funny and epic :P Oh! And i will always remember Jason pants that look like skirt because it too big for him! :D
Oh!! And i still remember when waiting for us to go in perform, we wait outside the hall. I saw this worker that his pants is so loose that i saw his red colour boxer.....Being such a pervert OBSERVANT person i ask Jason to look LOL! And then i laugh! And then those that surrounded me saw i laugh they immediately know what happening LOL!! Joseph and Claire i think actually say that when they see me laugh they know what i saw LOLOLOL!!!!! 
This remind me of coursework because i sit beside Eugene and he keep talking about porn. And Bryan Lim cannot handle pervert talk hahahaha! I remember i say is porn that nice to watch and they all facepalm....Well, i'm not a guy that's why i didn't know!

So anyway, until at the end of the Arts Night we have finale........I scared i cry... Hahahaha :P 
 All in all, the rehearsal is a success :D Hope tomorrow also success too :) 
Oh and one more thing! I actually still can play french horn! Hahaha :P It seem like i forget how to play but when i play, i actually never forget! Which is great :D
So that's conclude yesterday :)
So today there nothing interesting happen. I just done my English spoken interaction record and send to teacher le. I still have a few more homework need to be done so yah! Bye :D 

PS: So when i post this, it actually Friday liao because i too slow at typing.....

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