Saturday, June 29, 2013

Going out with Li wen :D

Hi guy :) I know i didn't blog yesterday! So sorry guy! I have been watching some show that is so funny and meaningful! It is a China and Taiwan show. 2 different show! They dare to talk and give their opinion truthfully that's why i really like it. Anyway, i'm so screw! I only left today to finish up my homework because tomorrow i'm going out with my sister! Oh my god i still have mountain of homework! HAHAHA!! WISH ME LUCK MAN! So, let move on to the topic! Going out with Li wen :) 

But before that, i'm going to show you what i wear when go Lingli house do project which i forget to post on my previous post!

This is what i wear :) 

This is what i wear when go out with Li wen :)

So, when meeting her, i saw a lot of interesting thing happen! :) 
One that caught my attention is when the MRT door going to close, a group of family hurry rush in. 
The mother and father successfully rush in however the security guard don't allow her son to go in which i think is about 4 years old or younger. 
And like that, the son tio kiap! YES! TIO KIAP! Because the mother hold her son the other hand and the security guard hold the other hand, to mean don't allow them to go in anymore as the door closing! So the security guard release his hand and the mother just pull her son in! I know right! Seriously! The child is like so innocent! Argh! 

Seriously, when door going to close, please don't rush in! I mean like if you don't think of yourself please think about other people what! Plus this is seriously dangerous! This is not the first time i saw this incident happen!

Anyway, moving on. 

So we went to eat Mcdonald morning breakfast :)

Yummy :P

After that, we went to shopping :D And of course sing Kbox! :D

Snap some haze-less view :P

The snowman so cute :P

After sing finish, we went to catch a movie! :D Man of steel is so nice :D
I tell you, the guy so good looking and everything is so exciting and it just my type of movie! 

Although they all say is a bit draggy but i think it okay :P
I just think that the superman is so COOL! 
Done watching and is time to go home! 
And i saw interesting thing happen again! 

So i didn't know what this call so i put this picture for you all to see. So, there always got one door that is bigger so that those pushing baby trolley can go in. So this is the interesting thing i saw.

So the place i go is really crowded with people. And there are one auntie and more people keep going out using the bigger door and tio scold by a uncle that is pushing the baby trolley. He was like, wah so inconsiderate, never see people need the bigger door to go in ah and stuff like that! Plus the door is a little bit spoil i guess, because got one women actually tap card and when she walk in, the door suddenly close and kiap until her hip! It really funny but i know i cannot laugh yeah....I know i'm bad LOL!

So the man behind the women also pushing the baby trolley, he actually very funny! He quickly tap and then was like run out so the door won't kiap until him! HAHAHA! MY GOD! THE CHILD HAVE A VERY FUNNY DAD! 

Anyway, so when i reach home, i bathe obviously! 
Putting hair mask and face mask!

So this is the mask i use :)

Relax time! I know this is ugly! Come on! No attractive girl putting mask still look attractive! LOL
Even though in real life i also not attractive -sobsob- 

Also drink healthy juice! This is fruit juice not green tea! :D

And anybody know this??? My daddy friend actually bought this when he at Hong Kong! And when i saw this i immediately know this is from Hong Kong! I remember the Hong Kong school provided this for us to eat! And i remember i go to supermarket just to get this but realise it was very expensive therefore i didn't buy it! But it just so delicious! Ahhhh!!! Now i miss the Hong Kong trip with band members now!!

Anyway, last picture of me. At least this is better than the mask one.

Bye :D

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