Tuesday, July 30, 2013

30 facts about Fann!

Since i'm bored even though i'm busy.....if you get what i mean! Hahaha!Let's start the 30 facts about me! :D 

1) Fann have a bad habit is to peel her own nail! She do it when she is stress or bored hahahaha! People always mistaken her as biting her nail but she don't! She can stop if she want to :)

2) Fann English name and Chinese name pronunciation is different and when people decided to try pronounce her English name to Chinese, they ALWAYS get it wrong!  

3) Fann currently addicted to Facebook games! x.x DON'T JUDGE!

4) Fann favorite princess is Snow white because snow white have 7 dwarf!

5) She don't like toys such as dolls and puppet and those that really life like looking things because they FREAK her out!

6) Fann hate insects!!!!!!!!!!!!! ESPECIALLY COCKROACH! O.O

7) Fann don't really like to wear dress/skirt because she feel insecure. But she always find that dress/skirt design is always the nicest! Same goes to high heel! Always have the prettiest design!

8) She only go oversea twice in her entire life which is Bintan and Hong Kong.... with school somemore.

9) She love disneyland!!!! When she went inside she say is like a different world to her. She play all the roller coaster because she love those feeling when she is high up until she scared LOL. Which normally she don't really feel scared......SHE DON'T KNOW WHY!

10) Fann love to watch horror movie! Because after watching she will feel really relax.....I know she weird but obviously she scared of ghost...LOL

11) She have a 9 years + friendship with Li wen! She's Fann best friend! :D

12) 30 July is Fann birthday :D

13) Fann love to read non-friction book especially those abuse book and psychotic book.....Because she is just a sadist.....Just kidding, she read it because she will feel bless about her life and also the author will motivated her.

14) Fann love her contact lenses because it make her eyes bigger!

15) Fann does consider to go under plastic surgery to get her double eyelid done. But she so poor and no money to go do :(

16) Fann want to have abs so she went to workout! Which apparently miracle! 

17) Fann love floral :)

18) Fann love going to the beach, it make her feel relax

19) Fann wish to have a pet dog and she will name it fluffy!

20) Fann is a HUGE CHOCOLATE LOVER!!!!!!!!!! But not really dark chocolate because she have sweet tooth! 

21) She have a really really super hot temper when she angry. Don't talk to her when she angry because she will just either diao you or the tone is not great at all. 

22) She LOVE domo :D Her wallet, handphone pouch and tuition bag is domo! :P

23) Fann love the colour pink! But she think it too girly for her!

24) Fann ALWAYS procrastinating!

25) Everyone thought that Fann is a god because she can don't sleep and still so awake. Well, sometime it true while sometime it not!

26) Fann is not good at direction at all! She also cannot recognise faces when first met and she need to see that faces a lot of time in order to remember. 

27) However, Fann remember moment very well. She can remember her Nursery day until now :)

28) Fann get best character award in primary school! She still remember when Mr Ong pass her the invitation card, he said this to Fann. " I don't know how you can get this." Hahahaha!!!! She also don't know too! LOL. Because in primary school she so called a trouble maker that ALWAYS quarrel with Jie Qian and never listen in class.

29) Fann only have 7 dress and 1 skirt in her wardrobe. And all of them is given by her sister or cousin! LOL!!!!!

30) Fann love all her beloved Friends and family :D 

That's all i can think now! Hahahaha! :D Will update about my birthday soon :P 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Haters Gonna hate :D

Hello everyone :) I'm back with a new post :D My life have been really stress but oh well! This hater that hate on me actually kind of make my day because she is so funny! And yes! I say SHE! Because i know she is a girl :) Or should i say....A coward girl? Lets start with this post! 

So it all started at ask.fm which i think a lot of people already know of this website! Okay luh, this girl is just PURELY speaking out her opinion or maybe impression of me. But oh well, since she DIDN'T DARE to say out her "BIG NAME", I should list down that she is my hater. :D 

So it all started with this question! 

Just because of this question and my answer. Quite stupid 
right? I mean like, just because i was truthful of this answer i get criticized. Why compare me and bubzbeauty when we are like 2 different people? Each and anyone of you SHOULD NOT be compare with other people because each of you is UNIQUE. And i know people doesn't like to be compare because that feeling SUCK. However, let's think of the positive side. At least i still met the category of being compare with bubzbeauty! She is so beautiful and inspire many people and i said a lot of time I LOVE HER! I'm not lesbian, i just admire her! So okay, moving on!~

Okay, i actually kind of type wrong here. What i mean is "Because everybody surrounded me is very selfish". Haiz, blame myself for typing too fast! But whatever! So, this girl say me selfish. Well, who the hell in this world are not selfish? TELL ME! I bet you yourself girl also did something selfish before. *smirk* And i also believe that bubzbeauty selfish before in her teenage life. But she changed, she now an adult which pretty much know about society already and learn not to be selfish. LEARN! You know? I'm still a teenager and all i met is drama mama people around me. Obviously i will grow into more selfish kind of person. And yes, i won't deny about selfish this fact. Why i so selfish is because people have been taking me for granted! Lending my stuff like freeflow. Well, i know you girl will tell me to be generous. I hope i am generous too but i was so FUCKING POOR you know! Not as poor as African kid but still consider poor in my country. Every little thing i lend out is important to me even pencil or pen. If you are my close friend, i won't mind lending things to you because firstly, they ask properly even though is my friend. Secondly, they will return me without me chasing it. Thirdly, they took my things with CARE! But the worse is, those that are not my friends want me lends thing to them. Yes fine. I'm okay with lending but firstly, did you ask properly? Secondly, did you return it automatically? Thirdly, which is what i hate the most is like for example, i lend thing to A and A just lend MY THING to B without asking me. Hello? Is your things or my things? -.-   AND I BET IS BECAUSE I DON'T WANT LEND THINGS TO YOU SO YOU SAYING ME SELFISH! Hahahaha!! :D And i know that! ;) Awww... seriously pity you. But think of the positive side, they are poorer than me that they don't have simple fullscape, textbook or stationary with them :) Seriously then you come to school for what ? AIYO! But i understand, you are poorer than me :) And i know that :) However, i still lend things to people, i mean POLITE people. And if you say me selfish because i never lend things to you....Well, you are very childish lor. Because i don't lend people things is very simple. Firstly, You keep lend. Secondly, Never ask properly. So yah, end up is still your own fault isn't it? :P

I bet you have eyes to read things above! Hahahaha! So yah, this girl doesn't reply to my ask.fm anymore. Even message me also don't have. It either you don't have my number or you DON'T DARE to tell me who you are. AREN'T YOU SELFISH TOO? Because you don't want to share your "BIG NAME" to eveyone online. Since you say me selfish, i obviously won't understand you, especially people like YOU. If you don't dare sms me, you're damn COWARD. If you don't have my number, it obviously you don't know me well enough to even get my number and you don't have the right to say me selfish. Afterall, you still disgrace yourself. TSKTSK. I really damn pity you :( She also seem like she doesn't know i already no longer in band this year!!!! How can sia!!! I bet she always pon her CCA! Please! Band is a really fun place to be in, so STOP PON BAND! Oh! And ask.fm is to ask question and NOT TO LET ME KNOW SOMETHING I DON'T KNOW :D Seem like, you are those rebellious kid that don't even know what is ask.fm! Haiz! 
But in another thought, thief won't confess to people that he/she is thief. So i have the right to not believe your words. So! In conclusion, i'm not selfish and you are probably not from band. Paper cannot cover fire (woo!!! Direct translate!) , eventually i will find you out. And i will face to face talk to you. And i mean it. I probably will track you down through IP address when i free and need entertainment of course :) So good luck! :) 

Oh! You should feel honor that this post is specially dedicated to you :D Anyway, i bet this post will increase my blog views and all over the world will know about this and you, the childish kid. :) 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Maybe a short post :)

Hello people! Did you guy miss me??? Hahahaha! i bet not :P Anyway, this maybe is just a short post because recently been busy with school work! Handle all the homework, exam etc! Seriously, i'm feeling so damn exhausted and wish to give school a miss....But i find that just doesn't benefit me i guess! So yah, Just hang on there Fann!!! One more day and then rest! :D This week, keep on having exam. Worse still, 1 day can up to 3 exam together! Can you feel my stress??? Seriously! Sometime, i just wanna give up and don't care everything! But still.....It won't benefit me anyway! Maybe is my time management have problems...which i think it is. I also lost motivation....That's worse! Maybe like what Gillian said, i should enjoy life! Anyway, O-level Chinese listening is very easy! :D That's awesome! Just done playing my games and i think i should go ahead and workout! Workout is like a routine to me already! I'm kind of used to it! :D Hahahaha! Maybe after workout, i will be bathing, eat dinner and study! Because tomorrow i have 3 exams! Which is English, Amaths and Social Studies....All this 3 subjects i think i will flunk hahahaha :P Oh! And teacher never give us format! WTF!! 
Moving on~ Went for Geography consultation and realise we are the first one that get consulted! TSKTSK! Those that book early doesn't know how to appreciate! I learn quite a lot through consultation and yah...I'm happy about it :D  So yah! That's all for now! :D BYE! :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Just another blogpost :) / horrible experience of ants

Hello everyone :) So yesterday i never blog! Hahaha! I'm sorry! Was a little bit busy (Excuses). Anyway, i'm so tired of my life right now. :( But because of what happen i know what i really want now. And i'm going to achieve it :D Anyway, on my previous post, i said i want to blog about horrible dinner! So yah! Here it is! BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Firstly, i'm going to show you some of the dish i eat/drink :P Gonna all sum it up!

Fried dumpling :D 

My milk :D Recently, love to drink milk! I don't know why!

Milk for me and my mum :D 
My mum seriously need to drink more milk because her bone is not that good. 

Anyway, this milk already drink finish so my sister bought meiji milk! 


Lotion for my hands! My hands is really hideous. I won't want to show you my hand because it look like elderly hands......Because i never take care of it.....So the skin very dry and peeling....SO YAH! MY MUM BOUGHT THIS FOR ME :D 

My favourite!!!!! GUESS WHAT IS IT? ;D

DOUBLE CHOCOLATE COOKIES OBVIOUSLY!!!!! I'M SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOING TO FIND THIS RECIPE! Of course is when i'm free which is will be like after N/O level :D 

Anyway, this is my outfit for yesterday :D
Okay! After for so long. I'm gonna talk about the main point! The horrible dinner! So, my mum, brother and me always go out eat now recently. So we go to our house down stair coffee shop! Then we ordered drink! I think because the auntie and uncle very old, they keep forgetting what drink we want..........And they keep giving us the wrong drink for consecutive for 3 days.......

First day, we ordered 1 cup of  ice milo, 1 cup of  ice milk tea and 1 cup of hot milk tea.....
Then the auntie give me 1 cup of  ice milo, 1 cup of hot milo and 1 cup of  hot milk tea.....
But it okay, i never say anything because....well.....I do drink milo.

Then second day, we ordered very simple drink. Just 2 cup of  hot milk tea and guess what the auntie give us??
She give us 2 cup of hot coffee! Well.......I don't really drink the coffee itself so does my mum so we tell the auntie she give wrong. After that, the horrible and terrible thing came! When she give us the correct drink, one of the drink have so many ants! AND MY MANY IS REALLY MANY HORRRRR
IS NOT LIKE 1 OR 2 ANTS IS 5++++++++ ANTS INSIDE! WTF! I was like damn horrified kay! My expression was like shock and my hair stand! 

So, my mum go change the drink by complaining to the shop. And guess what the shop owner say?
She say " You drink already a not?" 
So yah! Got a new drinks! Still have ants though but it on the outside of the cup!  I was like damn disgusted by the scene okay! This is my first experience on this kind of thing! I mean i do see drink that have like 1 or 2 ants but not 5+++ ants inside! Anyway moving on!

So the third day which is today! I ordered 1 cup of ice milk tea and guess what the uncle give me? 1 cup of ice lemon tea! 
Haiz.....It okay, i also never say anything and just drink. I know they old already will have short term memory so i don't blame them. I will try to be more understanding!
Oh! And i try to say thank you to the Indian cleaner that clean our table yesterday and today! And guess what! Since is 2 different people will have 2 different reaction! 
One of the guy that at veri nice coffee shop is so friendly! He just smile! 
And the guy at my down stair coffee shop stare at me! WTF! 
I also try to be understanding because i know cleaner this kind of work nobody willing to do so yah. Obviously, you will bu shuang about it. 
So.......YES! I just wanna see how friendly they are hahahaha! LAME! 
I just think that they deserve a thank you from us, customers :) Yah :) 
Anyway, Giant sell bolster and.......We bought 2! Lets see the picture of my brother carrying them back home! :D

What a hard journey back home!!! I think it so mad cute and funny!

I think that the end of today post :) Good luck to everyone having O-level Chinese Listening tomorrow! Good luck to myself too :D

PS: Some pictures still haven transfer to com! 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Miracle Saturday!

Hey yo people! 
So, early in the morning i went to SKSS for English tuition! :) As you can see if you reading my blog, my English is horrible, terrible plus vegetable! But i think i better than those who spell lyk tis

Anyway, moving on! So, Mr Ng always teach us a lot of things and also to stir our interest, he always will talk about interesting story that is related to our passage! Everytime i go for English tuition, i always learn a lot of new words and their meaning, of course. Which is great because that's mean i can use those new words in my composition or summary to impress the teacher! So today, i learn that premise and premises is 2 different meaning. Premise mean assumption while premises mean location or house. So yah, i am so amaze at this kind of words! I mean just add a "s" behind, everything change! Also, last last week English tuition, i also learn about the differences between American English and British English. Oh my! I really learn A LOT!


So after tuition, i RUN home. Yup! FANN FINALLY RUN! OH MY GOD! YOU NEVER SEE WRONG! Because i was thinking of exercising as my fats keep increasing in my body that make me feel suckish so yah......

Run home so at least i RUN and SWEAT which make me feel good! Sweat = Fats are crying! Yah, that's Fann logic. Reach home, on my computer and DO WORKOUT! MIRACLE RIGHT?! That's why my title of this post is Mircale Saturday! Fann actually WORKOUT. Oh my god! Even myself can't believe it! So yes! I workout, to train my tummy because i don't want fats and i want abs. So, i finally move my first step out :D I workout also because i was inspired and encourage by bubzbeauty because she recently also workout to have a healthy lifestyle. She also introduce blogilates so i go check her out and do her hot abs workout. Here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1DS7G9OjfQ  So now my tight hurt and my tummy hurt but i does feel good to sweat. 

That's the end of my post for this afternoon! I apologies that i still haven transfer pictures from my phone to computer. Really sorry! I will do it SOON! Or maybe today i will update 2 post! Hahahaha! I should see! hmmm :P Should talk about yesterday night....Horrible dinner! Yeah! Stay tune! :P BYE !

Friday, July 19, 2013

A little catch up :)

Hi guy! I'm finally back! I know i know! I have not been blogging for like 4 days i guess.... Because i have been busy with my school work! Everyday have to stay back for FNN coursework until 7pm! Really glad that today i have successfully print out my coursework and also pass up to teacher! YES! FNN COURSEWORK FINALLY COME TO AN END! Coursework have been with me for the past 6 month! When it print out, i feel so excited! It like my new born baby! After printing, we need to put it in a file and write our cover page, punch hole etc. After doing that, we need to line up and pass up to Mrs Theodore! I feel so so anxious! It like......Waiting for a job interview. I'm happy to say that Mrs Theodore accepted my file and ask me to sign my name! I was like phew!!!!~ Never tio rejected! Hahahaha! :D It a good feeling though! Some of my burden finally off! Now, i can focus more on theory le! :D Anyway, so because is Racial Harmony Day. Our school can wear ethnic costume! Guess what! I never wear even though someone lend me! So yah, all long story! Because we never wear any costume, some of our classmates very 不爽. But whatever, also not important. I know they start to talk behind our back but you know i don't give a fuck. Let them talk about it because this just reflect how bad they are. As i say it a long story so i won't go in detail. But i learn my lesson, DO NOT TRUST SOMEONE SO EASILY. THE APPEARANCE MAY LOOK KIND AND HARMLESS, BUT INSIDE THEM IS EVIL. AND TODAY YOU INDIRECTLY SHOOT US SO MANY TIME! FUCK YOU! So yah! I still think school should not put those wear ethnic costume day because teachers started to force some students to wear because have class points even though it not necessary to wear. I don't understand why they so competitive because i mean like studies is still way more important. Anyway, next week Tuesday i will be having O-level Chinese Listening! I'm so scared! Anyway, i already take my English N-level Oral....I think it so-so! Really scared about my Chinese result as it will be out in August! I swear if i never get A1, i'm gonna retake again! Anyway, nothing much happen! So yah, bye :D 

PS: Sorry that it wordy! Haven transfer pictures to computer! 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

13 July 2013 - Fann Sick, Fann Rants

Hello everyone :D Welcome back to Fann Blog! Sorry that yesterday i never post anything because i was sick! Fann having high fever :(

 Should tell you about yesterday life which is so frustrating and annoying! All thank to FNN CRT! Thank God Is Friday?? NO! TOTALLY NOT THAT! Friday is just like a normal day to me! Or maybe worst! Friday is not good at all! All thank to FNN CRT AGAIN! Totally ruin my mood! 

So firstly, i worried about my FNN coursework because i exceed the page of 30. So i from page 42 cancel to 36 pages! All thank to Eugene for teaching me something good! After that, teacher was like keep want to add stuffs inside. Keep saying lack of this and that. So after adding is like even more pages! Sometime i really think that Coursework is seriously no link at all! I mean like, teacher will never ever satisfied our coursework and say we never type in this and that. Like important thing never write down then tell us to add this and that. Then after that exceed page we still have to delete and edit things! WORST STILL! I DON'T KNOW WHICH TO DELETE! WTF! So i'm like forever at the exceed page! Too less also cannot. Too much also cannot! I seriously don't know what to do! I'm at the edge of giving up already! And i know i'm not the only one that suffer this kind of pain! I keep telling myself to bear a while more because the coursework submission is going to due! Argh!!!!! Burden seriously! If you ever come into our FNN class, doing coursework, everyone face is like a sian only. Somemore is like a waste of our time because we have done everything and just only exceed the pages. And like i said, ask teacher to check they ask us to add things inside which result page increase. -.- Why coursework have to write so many?! And yet maximum page is 30??? Some of our coursework question is like not necessary also! -.- Oh! And also, teacher say 3pm release us then drag until 4pm or 4:30pm! Seriously -.- ANYWAY! MOVING ON!

So i was sick! After FNN CRT, immediately go see doctor because the pain is unbearable! My throat hurt until my ears and head and i was having high fever! because i fall sick, i can feel my ears very hot also! So, after checking, doctor say i have ulcer in my throat which is pretty bad! Haiz. Anyway i feel so much love! :D Have Grandmother massage which is so shiok and mum caring me by feeding me medicine! YES! I know! So big already still need mother feed but whatever! I love it when mum feeding me! :P Or maybe i was plain lazy to even move! Hahahaha!  Okay that's all for now! :D Bye! 

Anyway, never went for tuition, therefore have this porridge to eat! Which is like a nice only! Best porridge! 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

11 July 2013 - The fun/weird side of Google :)

Hey guys! ;) Do you guy know Google some secrets? ;) Well! Maybe some of you know while some don't! And I am the lag one who doesn't know anything about Google fun/weird side! So here is the things that i tried and it work on Google! :D 

Do you know Google image can be played? :P Hahaha! I bet you doesn't know! :)

So, this is what Ebenezer told me to tried!
The mirror version of Google! 

Everything is mirror version! 
How cool is that!

So, i think some of you may know this trick! The barrel roll! I can't really capture the picture of it rolling so......this will do :P

And, do you know that Google have gravity too? (DUH EVERYTHING HAVE GRAVITY) I remember when i try this, it really scared me that it suddenly drop down! 

So, some of you may know about this too! It is the zerg rush! Forever can't win!

This game is can't win game. So end up, they will say GG! Woo!!! Girls' Generation! 
Hahahaha! Kidding! It mean Good Game!

Do you know what askew mean? Go Google and find it yourself! You will notice that the definition is exactly same as the screen! The screen will slang itself!
So that's all i know about it! If you guy know more about Google trick! Please tell me on the comment below or at the left hand side ask.fm

I would LOVE to try it out and be amaze at it! Hahahaa! That's all for today! :D
BYE :D  

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

8 July 2013 dinner foods :P

Hello Beautiful :D So, i said on my previous post that i MAYBE will update about 8 July dinner foods pictures! Well.....AND I DID :D I'm here to upload the foods that i ate on Monday which is 8 July and also known as Youth day :D So, lets begin on the foods pictures :D 

My Ice Milk Tea :D 

My Rice! (DUH!)

I have no idea what this is called in English, but i know Chinese is called 咖喱鱼头. 
If direct translate which mean curry fish head. LOL! 

Tofu :P

I think is some kind of meat...


Broccoli and abalone??? I don't know. LOL
I didn't really eat this dish though because the broccoli is very hard to chew and i dislike hard broccoli! I prefer those that is soft and easy to chew! 
That's why sometime my mum said i'm old lady because elderly don't normally eat hard and difficult to chew foods. :\ 
So yes! That's all! :P We are not rich so this is actually consider fabulous dishes already! We normally don't eat this kind of foods because it crazily expensive! :( 
So, you all should know that while waiting for the dish, it is camwhore time for me :P 
So here is brother and me :D

I bet you all didn't want to know about my boring school life so i should just stop here :P The only thing i can say is i screw my practice Emaths exam horribly. Both paper 1 and paper 2! Hahahaha! I should seriously start study and practice more on my maths!
Well........I always say that but i never do it! 


BYE :D  

PS: Sorry that the pictures is not nice. I have to actually snatch the dish to take picture because my dad can't wait to eat the foods. So i have to take the pictures very quickly because hungry daddy is angry daddy!
 Hahaha! Kidding, he just hungry not angry :P

Monday, July 8, 2013

7 July 2013 - Went out with parents :) & 8 July 2013 - Stay home Monday :)

Welcome back to Fann blog :) Let's talk about yesterday since i never blog about that! So, I go out with my parents, sending my brother to tuition class. After that, is shopping and eating time :D

This is what i wear yesterday :D I wear my Hong Kong winter festival band T-shirt :D And with my cotton on jean material short :D

My Lor mee! Quite nice but not as nice as the Bugis Lor mee! :P

My daddy food :)

Here my mum food :)

And their soup :)

Daddy coffee :) Artistic hor? Daddy say stir while taking the photo will look nicer :P
And amazingly, it turn out quite true!

Mummy and my tea :P We share ! 
So, we go shop at Daiso and other shop! I actually want to buy clothes but end up never because it is very expensive! 
And also, i want to buy a dress.....YES! YOU NEVER SEE WRONG BRO! IT DRESS! But end up also never! Because the dress is crazily long and i'm crazily short so......The dress cut out is from short (infront) to long (behind). For a normal person, the short length will at knee area or higher while me is like knee below. WTF! Then the longest part is like normal people stop at ankle and mine is stop at the floor! DON'T LAUGH PLEASE! It a sad thing that i'm short and can't wear dress like this.....even though it nice! 
My mum was like trying to comfort me and say it okay, just wear high heel will do. WTF!!!!!! High heel?!? Siao! Wear high heel to hurt my leg just for a freaking dress so yah, not buying. 

Anyway, this is what i bought from Daiso.....Well....my mum bought it but i choose the items! LOL!

I FINALLY BOUGHT THE HEART SHAPE RAMEKIN! I saw the circle ramekin one, but it so freaking small!!!! What you going to eat with that small bowl that will not be full??? That's crazy!

So, i also bought....ahem! Mum bought sieve, the decorating cake thingy, my cotton pad and some hand rapping thingy.....
The cotton pad is real good! 
You know all those normal cotton is like this....

Then it will have this fluffy thingy...

This will stuck on your hand or face which is super irritating! But i bought....AHEM! Mum bought that cotton pad for me is like this...

So it will not have the fluff! And it work like a charm! People! Just get this cotton pad from Daiso! You will not regret man! It $2 but it so much more better than those cotton ball.:D

Oh! And my mum bought this too! If you press the red button, the "U" shape thingy will kiap which is close so you can take thing easily especially for short people like me that need to take something that is high up!
So after that, fetch brother and go to Rivervale Plaza to eat! :) Now it is air-condition which is like so cold!

Yes! That's my brother! He can be those 美食家 (those recommend food person)

Let's guess which drink is mine! 
Actually, the 4th drink is mine....But it so sour so i change it with daddy which is the 3rd drink. And daddy drink is crazily sweet :P Mum drink is the 2nd one and it also very sour! Sour than mine i swear! Brother is the 1st one which is ice Milo as per normal!

After that, they go buy something then home sweet home :) 

Well, after that nothing to say because there nothing actually happen and also today, the 8 July 2013 is very boring! But now i'm going to go out and eat dinner! So maybe....MAYBE, i will update the foods or what not! :D So yah, bye :D