Thursday, July 11, 2013

11 July 2013 - The fun/weird side of Google :)

Hey guys! ;) Do you guy know Google some secrets? ;) Well! Maybe some of you know while some don't! And I am the lag one who doesn't know anything about Google fun/weird side! So here is the things that i tried and it work on Google! :D 

Do you know Google image can be played? :P Hahaha! I bet you doesn't know! :)

So, this is what Ebenezer told me to tried!
The mirror version of Google! 

Everything is mirror version! 
How cool is that!

So, i think some of you may know this trick! The barrel roll! I can't really capture the picture of it rolling so......this will do :P

And, do you know that Google have gravity too? (DUH EVERYTHING HAVE GRAVITY) I remember when i try this, it really scared me that it suddenly drop down! 

So, some of you may know about this too! It is the zerg rush! Forever can't win!

This game is can't win game. So end up, they will say GG! Woo!!! Girls' Generation! 
Hahahaha! Kidding! It mean Good Game!

Do you know what askew mean? Go Google and find it yourself! You will notice that the definition is exactly same as the screen! The screen will slang itself!
So that's all i know about it! If you guy know more about Google trick! Please tell me on the comment below or at the left hand side

I would LOVE to try it out and be amaze at it! Hahahaa! That's all for today! :D
BYE :D  
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