Sunday, July 14, 2013

13 July 2013 - Fann Sick, Fann Rants

Hello everyone :D Welcome back to Fann Blog! Sorry that yesterday i never post anything because i was sick! Fann having high fever :(

 Should tell you about yesterday life which is so frustrating and annoying! All thank to FNN CRT! Thank God Is Friday?? NO! TOTALLY NOT THAT! Friday is just like a normal day to me! Or maybe worst! Friday is not good at all! All thank to FNN CRT AGAIN! Totally ruin my mood! 

So firstly, i worried about my FNN coursework because i exceed the page of 30. So i from page 42 cancel to 36 pages! All thank to Eugene for teaching me something good! After that, teacher was like keep want to add stuffs inside. Keep saying lack of this and that. So after adding is like even more pages! Sometime i really think that Coursework is seriously no link at all! I mean like, teacher will never ever satisfied our coursework and say we never type in this and that. Like important thing never write down then tell us to add this and that. Then after that exceed page we still have to delete and edit things! WORST STILL! I DON'T KNOW WHICH TO DELETE! WTF! So i'm like forever at the exceed page! Too less also cannot. Too much also cannot! I seriously don't know what to do! I'm at the edge of giving up already! And i know i'm not the only one that suffer this kind of pain! I keep telling myself to bear a while more because the coursework submission is going to due! Argh!!!!! Burden seriously! If you ever come into our FNN class, doing coursework, everyone face is like a sian only. Somemore is like a waste of our time because we have done everything and just only exceed the pages. And like i said, ask teacher to check they ask us to add things inside which result page increase. -.- Why coursework have to write so many?! And yet maximum page is 30??? Some of our coursework question is like not necessary also! -.- Oh! And also, teacher say 3pm release us then drag until 4pm or 4:30pm! Seriously -.- ANYWAY! MOVING ON!

So i was sick! After FNN CRT, immediately go see doctor because the pain is unbearable! My throat hurt until my ears and head and i was having high fever! because i fall sick, i can feel my ears very hot also! So, after checking, doctor say i have ulcer in my throat which is pretty bad! Haiz. Anyway i feel so much love! :D Have Grandmother massage which is so shiok and mum caring me by feeding me medicine! YES! I know! So big already still need mother feed but whatever! I love it when mum feeding me! :P Or maybe i was plain lazy to even move! Hahahaha!  Okay that's all for now! :D Bye! 

Anyway, never went for tuition, therefore have this porridge to eat! Which is like a nice only! Best porridge! 
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