Tuesday, July 30, 2013

30 facts about Fann!

Since i'm bored even though i'm busy.....if you get what i mean! Hahaha!Let's start the 30 facts about me! :D 

1) Fann have a bad habit is to peel her own nail! She do it when she is stress or bored hahahaha! People always mistaken her as biting her nail but she don't! She can stop if she want to :)

2) Fann English name and Chinese name pronunciation is different and when people decided to try pronounce her English name to Chinese, they ALWAYS get it wrong!  

3) Fann currently addicted to Facebook games! x.x DON'T JUDGE!

4) Fann favorite princess is Snow white because snow white have 7 dwarf!

5) She don't like toys such as dolls and puppet and those that really life like looking things because they FREAK her out!

6) Fann hate insects!!!!!!!!!!!!! ESPECIALLY COCKROACH! O.O

7) Fann don't really like to wear dress/skirt because she feel insecure. But she always find that dress/skirt design is always the nicest! Same goes to high heel! Always have the prettiest design!

8) She only go oversea twice in her entire life which is Bintan and Hong Kong.... with school somemore.

9) She love disneyland!!!! When she went inside she say is like a different world to her. She play all the roller coaster because she love those feeling when she is high up until she scared LOL. Which normally she don't really feel scared......SHE DON'T KNOW WHY!

10) Fann love to watch horror movie! Because after watching she will feel really relax.....I know she weird but obviously she scared of ghost...LOL

11) She have a 9 years + friendship with Li wen! She's Fann best friend! :D

12) 30 July is Fann birthday :D

13) Fann love to read non-friction book especially those abuse book and psychotic book.....Because she is just a sadist.....Just kidding, she read it because she will feel bless about her life and also the author will motivated her.

14) Fann love her contact lenses because it make her eyes bigger!

15) Fann does consider to go under plastic surgery to get her double eyelid done. But she so poor and no money to go do :(

16) Fann want to have abs so she went to workout! Which apparently miracle! 

17) Fann love floral :)

18) Fann love going to the beach, it make her feel relax

19) Fann wish to have a pet dog and she will name it fluffy!

20) Fann is a HUGE CHOCOLATE LOVER!!!!!!!!!! But not really dark chocolate because she have sweet tooth! 

21) She have a really really super hot temper when she angry. Don't talk to her when she angry because she will just either diao you or the tone is not great at all. 

22) She LOVE domo :D Her wallet, handphone pouch and tuition bag is domo! :P

23) Fann love the colour pink! But she think it too girly for her!

24) Fann ALWAYS procrastinating!

25) Everyone thought that Fann is a god because she can don't sleep and still so awake. Well, sometime it true while sometime it not!

26) Fann is not good at direction at all! She also cannot recognise faces when first met and she need to see that faces a lot of time in order to remember. 

27) However, Fann remember moment very well. She can remember her Nursery day until now :)

28) Fann get best character award in primary school! She still remember when Mr Ong pass her the invitation card, he said this to Fann. " I don't know how you can get this." Hahahaha!!!! She also don't know too! LOL. Because in primary school she so called a trouble maker that ALWAYS quarrel with Jie Qian and never listen in class.

29) Fann only have 7 dress and 1 skirt in her wardrobe. And all of them is given by her sister or cousin! LOL!!!!!

30) Fann love all her beloved Friends and family :D 

That's all i can think now! Hahahaha! :D Will update about my birthday soon :P 
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