Thursday, July 4, 2013

4 July 2013 - Fann boring school life.

Hello everyone :) Lets talk about today :) WELCOME TO FANN BORING LIFE SERIES! 

Anyway, i don't know why my right hand so pain! I can't really type fast now. 

So today is Thursday! :)

Amaths - Everything went on well. Get back my binomial test! And i get 13/15! And guess what! I actually can get full mark but i careless on calculating! WTF!!! Using calculator still will get wrong answer! -.- so now we focus more on trigonometry! Which is the one i very lousy at! Hope teacher hurry teach until proving  because proving is the question that i ALWAYS skip. 

Geography- Everything went on well :) Write a 6 marks essay LOL! :) 

Recess- Bring my whole bag down to recess because after recess we will not return back to classroom! I know right! I'm always moving! Amaths, Emaths, Chinese, FNN, Chemistry and Biology i never stay in class de! I have to move to other class! No wonder i don't have that special feelings toward the class or maybe....well...Classroom -ahem- . So i finally give Joseph present! Now i have to go out and see if i can buy Ebenezer present and Li wen present :) Oh! And one more thing! Ziyun tell me that got a guy in China dick being cut off by a women! And he don't know until he wake up with a pool of blood! RIDICULOUS SIA! CAN'T YOU FEEL THE PAIN?! Anyway, so she say so the guy left with 2cm dick! Hahahaha! I don't know why i find it so funny that i keep laughing! I mean like, will he still erect??? Hahahaha! Gosh, Fann must maintain a bit. Imagine the dick erect and then is like so small and then stood up and.....LOL i should stop here.... 

So here is the 2CM! :D

Emaths- Everything went on well :) I learnt a lot of new thing :) And and and, I actually go see my ruler 2cm how small! LOL!!!! I KNOW I KNOW! I'm not pervert okay! I'm just curious how small only...... 

Chinese- Teacher tell me to read the passage because tomorrow have O level Chinese oral! And he say that tomorrow i like that read can le! Seriously, I think.....I feel anxious now....

FNN- Doing my refinement :) 

After school - For the very first time i so early release so obviously i will quickly went home luh! 

After that, home sweet home. Eat and then sleep like a pig until now then wake up!

 So yah, i never go tuition......I tell my parents that i want to quit Maths tuition because travelling all the way to YCK is not a joke man! It so tiring because of the long journey and go there is like only learn a few things only or never learn anything...LOL. So i decided not to waste time travel there and waste money and then yah! I decided i should just learn from my own! Which i think i can because after doing so many maths question i actually know how to do. So i guess, i just need more practice :)

Anyway, that's all with my boring life! LOL. 

I swear some people will confirm think i dirty minded or something LOL. Don't judge please! Hahaha! okay bye :) 


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