Monday, July 8, 2013

7 July 2013 - Went out with parents :) & 8 July 2013 - Stay home Monday :)

Welcome back to Fann blog :) Let's talk about yesterday since i never blog about that! So, I go out with my parents, sending my brother to tuition class. After that, is shopping and eating time :D

This is what i wear yesterday :D I wear my Hong Kong winter festival band T-shirt :D And with my cotton on jean material short :D

My Lor mee! Quite nice but not as nice as the Bugis Lor mee! :P

My daddy food :)

Here my mum food :)

And their soup :)

Daddy coffee :) Artistic hor? Daddy say stir while taking the photo will look nicer :P
And amazingly, it turn out quite true!

Mummy and my tea :P We share ! 
So, we go shop at Daiso and other shop! I actually want to buy clothes but end up never because it is very expensive! 
And also, i want to buy a dress.....YES! YOU NEVER SEE WRONG BRO! IT DRESS! But end up also never! Because the dress is crazily long and i'm crazily short so......The dress cut out is from short (infront) to long (behind). For a normal person, the short length will at knee area or higher while me is like knee below. WTF! Then the longest part is like normal people stop at ankle and mine is stop at the floor! DON'T LAUGH PLEASE! It a sad thing that i'm short and can't wear dress like this.....even though it nice! 
My mum was like trying to comfort me and say it okay, just wear high heel will do. WTF!!!!!! High heel?!? Siao! Wear high heel to hurt my leg just for a freaking dress so yah, not buying. 

Anyway, this is what i bought from mum bought it but i choose the items! LOL!

I FINALLY BOUGHT THE HEART SHAPE RAMEKIN! I saw the circle ramekin one, but it so freaking small!!!! What you going to eat with that small bowl that will not be full??? That's crazy!

So, i also bought....ahem! Mum bought sieve, the decorating cake thingy, my cotton pad and some hand rapping thingy.....
The cotton pad is real good! 
You know all those normal cotton is like this....

Then it will have this fluffy thingy...

This will stuck on your hand or face which is super irritating! But i bought....AHEM! Mum bought that cotton pad for me is like this...

So it will not have the fluff! And it work like a charm! People! Just get this cotton pad from Daiso! You will not regret man! It $2 but it so much more better than those cotton ball.:D

Oh! And my mum bought this too! If you press the red button, the "U" shape thingy will kiap which is close so you can take thing easily especially for short people like me that need to take something that is high up!
So after that, fetch brother and go to Rivervale Plaza to eat! :) Now it is air-condition which is like so cold!

Yes! That's my brother! He can be those 美食家 (those recommend food person)

Let's guess which drink is mine! 
Actually, the 4th drink is mine....But it so sour so i change it with daddy which is the 3rd drink. And daddy drink is crazily sweet :P Mum drink is the 2nd one and it also very sour! Sour than mine i swear! Brother is the 1st one which is ice Milo as per normal!

After that, they go buy something then home sweet home :) 

Well, after that nothing to say because there nothing actually happen and also today, the 8 July 2013 is very boring! But now i'm going to go out and eat dinner! So maybe....MAYBE, i will update the foods or what not! :D So yah, bye :D 
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