Friday, July 19, 2013

A little catch up :)

Hi guy! I'm finally back! I know i know! I have not been blogging for like 4 days i guess.... Because i have been busy with my school work! Everyday have to stay back for FNN coursework until 7pm! Really glad that today i have successfully print out my coursework and also pass up to teacher! YES! FNN COURSEWORK FINALLY COME TO AN END! Coursework have been with me for the past 6 month! When it print out, i feel so excited! It like my new born baby! After printing, we need to put it in a file and write our cover page, punch hole etc. After doing that, we need to line up and pass up to Mrs Theodore! I feel so so anxious! It like......Waiting for a job interview. I'm happy to say that Mrs Theodore accepted my file and ask me to sign my name! I was like phew!!!!~ Never tio rejected! Hahahaha! :D It a good feeling though! Some of my burden finally off! Now, i can focus more on theory le! :D Anyway, so because is Racial Harmony Day. Our school can wear ethnic costume! Guess what! I never wear even though someone lend me! So yah, all long story! Because we never wear any costume, some of our classmates very 不爽. But whatever, also not important. I know they start to talk behind our back but you know i don't give a fuck. Let them talk about it because this just reflect how bad they are. As i say it a long story so i won't go in detail. But i learn my lesson, DO NOT TRUST SOMEONE SO EASILY. THE APPEARANCE MAY LOOK KIND AND HARMLESS, BUT INSIDE THEM IS EVIL. AND TODAY YOU INDIRECTLY SHOOT US SO MANY TIME! FUCK YOU! So yah! I still think school should not put those wear ethnic costume day because teachers started to force some students to wear because have class points even though it not necessary to wear. I don't understand why they so competitive because i mean like studies is still way more important. Anyway, next week Tuesday i will be having O-level Chinese Listening! I'm so scared! Anyway, i already take my English N-level Oral....I think it so-so! Really scared about my Chinese result as it will be out in August! I swear if i never get A1, i'm gonna retake again! Anyway, nothing much happen! So yah, bye :D 

PS: Sorry that it wordy! Haven transfer pictures to computer! 
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