Friday, July 26, 2013

Haters Gonna hate :D

Hello everyone :) I'm back with a new post :D My life have been really stress but oh well! This hater that hate on me actually kind of make my day because she is so funny! And yes! I say SHE! Because i know she is a girl :) Or should i say....A coward girl? Lets start with this post! 

So it all started at which i think a lot of people already know of this website! Okay luh, this girl is just PURELY speaking out her opinion or maybe impression of me. But oh well, since she DIDN'T DARE to say out her "BIG NAME", I should list down that she is my hater. :D 

So it all started with this question! 

Just because of this question and my answer. Quite stupid 
right? I mean like, just because i was truthful of this answer i get criticized. Why compare me and bubzbeauty when we are like 2 different people? Each and anyone of you SHOULD NOT be compare with other people because each of you is UNIQUE. And i know people doesn't like to be compare because that feeling SUCK. However, let's think of the positive side. At least i still met the category of being compare with bubzbeauty! She is so beautiful and inspire many people and i said a lot of time I LOVE HER! I'm not lesbian, i just admire her! So okay, moving on!~

Okay, i actually kind of type wrong here. What i mean is "Because everybody surrounded me is very selfish". Haiz, blame myself for typing too fast! But whatever! So, this girl say me selfish. Well, who the hell in this world are not selfish? TELL ME! I bet you yourself girl also did something selfish before. *smirk* And i also believe that bubzbeauty selfish before in her teenage life. But she changed, she now an adult which pretty much know about society already and learn not to be selfish. LEARN! You know? I'm still a teenager and all i met is drama mama people around me. Obviously i will grow into more selfish kind of person. And yes, i won't deny about selfish this fact. Why i so selfish is because people have been taking me for granted! Lending my stuff like freeflow. Well, i know you girl will tell me to be generous. I hope i am generous too but i was so FUCKING POOR you know! Not as poor as African kid but still consider poor in my country. Every little thing i lend out is important to me even pencil or pen. If you are my close friend, i won't mind lending things to you because firstly, they ask properly even though is my friend. Secondly, they will return me without me chasing it. Thirdly, they took my things with CARE! But the worse is, those that are not my friends want me lends thing to them. Yes fine. I'm okay with lending but firstly, did you ask properly? Secondly, did you return it automatically? Thirdly, which is what i hate the most is like for example, i lend thing to A and A just lend MY THING to B without asking me. Hello? Is your things or my things? -.-   AND I BET IS BECAUSE I DON'T WANT LEND THINGS TO YOU SO YOU SAYING ME SELFISH! Hahahaha!! :D And i know that! ;) Awww... seriously pity you. But think of the positive side, they are poorer than me that they don't have simple fullscape, textbook or stationary with them :) Seriously then you come to school for what ? AIYO! But i understand, you are poorer than me :) And i know that :) However, i still lend things to people, i mean POLITE people. And if you say me selfish because i never lend things to you....Well, you are very childish lor. Because i don't lend people things is very simple. Firstly, You keep lend. Secondly, Never ask properly. So yah, end up is still your own fault isn't it? :P

I bet you have eyes to read things above! Hahahaha! So yah, this girl doesn't reply to my anymore. Even message me also don't have. It either you don't have my number or you DON'T DARE to tell me who you are. AREN'T YOU SELFISH TOO? Because you don't want to share your "BIG NAME" to eveyone online. Since you say me selfish, i obviously won't understand you, especially people like YOU. If you don't dare sms me, you're damn COWARD. If you don't have my number, it obviously you don't know me well enough to even get my number and you don't have the right to say me selfish. Afterall, you still disgrace yourself. TSKTSK. I really damn pity you :( She also seem like she doesn't know i already no longer in band this year!!!! How can sia!!! I bet she always pon her CCA! Please! Band is a really fun place to be in, so STOP PON BAND! Oh! And is to ask question and NOT TO LET ME KNOW SOMETHING I DON'T KNOW :D Seem like, you are those rebellious kid that don't even know what is! Haiz! 
But in another thought, thief won't confess to people that he/she is thief. So i have the right to not believe your words. So! In conclusion, i'm not selfish and you are probably not from band. Paper cannot cover fire (woo!!! Direct translate!) , eventually i will find you out. And i will face to face talk to you. And i mean it. I probably will track you down through IP address when i free and need entertainment of course :) So good luck! :) 

Oh! You should feel honor that this post is specially dedicated to you :D Anyway, i bet this post will increase my blog views and all over the world will know about this and you, the childish kid. :) 

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