Monday, July 22, 2013

Just another blogpost :) / horrible experience of ants

Hello everyone :) So yesterday i never blog! Hahaha! I'm sorry! Was a little bit busy (Excuses). Anyway, i'm so tired of my life right now. :( But because of what happen i know what i really want now. And i'm going to achieve it :D Anyway, on my previous post, i said i want to blog about horrible dinner! So yah! Here it is! BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Firstly, i'm going to show you some of the dish i eat/drink :P Gonna all sum it up!

Fried dumpling :D 

My milk :D Recently, love to drink milk! I don't know why!

Milk for me and my mum :D 
My mum seriously need to drink more milk because her bone is not that good. 

Anyway, this milk already drink finish so my sister bought meiji milk! 


Lotion for my hands! My hands is really hideous. I won't want to show you my hand because it look like elderly hands......Because i never take care of it.....So the skin very dry and peeling....SO YAH! MY MUM BOUGHT THIS FOR ME :D 

My favourite!!!!! GUESS WHAT IS IT? ;D

DOUBLE CHOCOLATE COOKIES OBVIOUSLY!!!!! I'M SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOING TO FIND THIS RECIPE! Of course is when i'm free which is will be like after N/O level :D 

Anyway, this is my outfit for yesterday :D
Okay! After for so long. I'm gonna talk about the main point! The horrible dinner! So, my mum, brother and me always go out eat now recently. So we go to our house down stair coffee shop! Then we ordered drink! I think because the auntie and uncle very old, they keep forgetting what drink we want..........And they keep giving us the wrong drink for consecutive for 3 days.......

First day, we ordered 1 cup of  ice milo, 1 cup of  ice milk tea and 1 cup of hot milk tea.....
Then the auntie give me 1 cup of  ice milo, 1 cup of hot milo and 1 cup of  hot milk tea.....
But it okay, i never say anything because....well.....I do drink milo.

Then second day, we ordered very simple drink. Just 2 cup of  hot milk tea and guess what the auntie give us??
She give us 2 cup of hot coffee! Well.......I don't really drink the coffee itself so does my mum so we tell the auntie she give wrong. After that, the horrible and terrible thing came! When she give us the correct drink, one of the drink have so many ants! AND MY MANY IS REALLY MANY HORRRRR
IS NOT LIKE 1 OR 2 ANTS IS 5++++++++ ANTS INSIDE! WTF! I was like damn horrified kay! My expression was like shock and my hair stand! 

So, my mum go change the drink by complaining to the shop. And guess what the shop owner say?
She say " You drink already a not?" 
So yah! Got a new drinks! Still have ants though but it on the outside of the cup!  I was like damn disgusted by the scene okay! This is my first experience on this kind of thing! I mean i do see drink that have like 1 or 2 ants but not 5+++ ants inside! Anyway moving on!

So the third day which is today! I ordered 1 cup of ice milk tea and guess what the uncle give me? 1 cup of ice lemon tea! 
Haiz.....It okay, i also never say anything and just drink. I know they old already will have short term memory so i don't blame them. I will try to be more understanding!
Oh! And i try to say thank you to the Indian cleaner that clean our table yesterday and today! And guess what! Since is 2 different people will have 2 different reaction! 
One of the guy that at veri nice coffee shop is so friendly! He just smile! 
And the guy at my down stair coffee shop stare at me! WTF! 
I also try to be understanding because i know cleaner this kind of work nobody willing to do so yah. Obviously, you will bu shuang about it. 
So.......YES! I just wanna see how friendly they are hahahaha! LAME! 
I just think that they deserve a thank you from us, customers :) Yah :) 
Anyway, Giant sell bolster and.......We bought 2! Lets see the picture of my brother carrying them back home! :D

What a hard journey back home!!! I think it so mad cute and funny!

I think that the end of today post :) Good luck to everyone having O-level Chinese Listening tomorrow! Good luck to myself too :D

PS: Some pictures still haven transfer to com! 

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