Thursday, July 25, 2013

Maybe a short post :)

Hello people! Did you guy miss me??? Hahahaha! i bet not :P Anyway, this maybe is just a short post because recently been busy with school work! Handle all the homework, exam etc! Seriously, i'm feeling so damn exhausted and wish to give school a miss....But i find that just doesn't benefit me i guess! So yah, Just hang on there Fann!!! One more day and then rest! :D This week, keep on having exam. Worse still, 1 day can up to 3 exam together! Can you feel my stress??? Seriously! Sometime, i just wanna give up and don't care everything! But still.....It won't benefit me anyway! Maybe is my time management have problems...which i think it is. I also lost motivation....That's worse! Maybe like what Gillian said, i should enjoy life! Anyway, O-level Chinese listening is very easy! :D That's awesome! Just done playing my games and i think i should go ahead and workout! Workout is like a routine to me already! I'm kind of used to it! :D Hahahaha! Maybe after workout, i will be bathing, eat dinner and study! Because tomorrow i have 3 exams! Which is English, Amaths and Social Studies....All this 3 subjects i think i will flunk hahahaha :P Oh! And teacher never give us format! WTF!! 
Moving on~ Went for Geography consultation and realise we are the first one that get consulted! TSKTSK! Those that book early doesn't know how to appreciate! I learn quite a lot through consultation and yah...I'm happy about it :D  So yah! That's all for now! :D BYE! :)
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