Saturday, July 20, 2013

Miracle Saturday!

Hey yo people! 
So, early in the morning i went to SKSS for English tuition! :) As you can see if you reading my blog, my English is horrible, terrible plus vegetable! But i think i better than those who spell lyk tis

Anyway, moving on! So, Mr Ng always teach us a lot of things and also to stir our interest, he always will talk about interesting story that is related to our passage! Everytime i go for English tuition, i always learn a lot of new words and their meaning, of course. Which is great because that's mean i can use those new words in my composition or summary to impress the teacher! So today, i learn that premise and premises is 2 different meaning. Premise mean assumption while premises mean location or house. So yah, i am so amaze at this kind of words! I mean just add a "s" behind, everything change! Also, last last week English tuition, i also learn about the differences between American English and British English. Oh my! I really learn A LOT!


So after tuition, i RUN home. Yup! FANN FINALLY RUN! OH MY GOD! YOU NEVER SEE WRONG! Because i was thinking of exercising as my fats keep increasing in my body that make me feel suckish so yah......

Run home so at least i RUN and SWEAT which make me feel good! Sweat = Fats are crying! Yah, that's Fann logic. Reach home, on my computer and DO WORKOUT! MIRACLE RIGHT?! That's why my title of this post is Mircale Saturday! Fann actually WORKOUT. Oh my god! Even myself can't believe it! So yes! I workout, to train my tummy because i don't want fats and i want abs. So, i finally move my first step out :D I workout also because i was inspired and encourage by bubzbeauty because she recently also workout to have a healthy lifestyle. She also introduce blogilates so i go check her out and do her hot abs workout. Here is the link  So now my tight hurt and my tummy hurt but i does feel good to sweat. 

That's the end of my post for this afternoon! I apologies that i still haven transfer pictures from my phone to computer. Really sorry! I will do it SOON! Or maybe today i will update 2 post! Hahahaha! I should see! hmmm :P Should talk about yesterday night....Horrible dinner! Yeah! Stay tune! :P BYE !
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