Saturday, August 31, 2013

Last Sunday :D

So, i will be blogging about last Sunday outing. But, firstly let me say about today. Today i went to English tuition class......Kind of sad that this will be my last lesson. :( I really love the teacher teaching and the classmates there even i'm not close to them but they are really funny! So, i also learnt a few things that i didn't know such as the meaning of one Chinese words and long ago English words! It is really interesting! Maybe i will try blogging about that soon when i'm free. So yah, let's get started of the last Sunday post :D

As you all know, every Sunday, i will be accompany my mum to bring brother to tuition class and then after that, we will be shopping :) 

Since i'm hungry, I bought this garlic bread from breadtalk :D I actually can taste that they put sugar in it :P

After that, i bought a couple of things so let the pictures talk :D 

I bought this baby lips pink from Maybelline and the colour is Pink Blast :) 
It not that pink on my lip i don't know why but the colour is enough to me. 
It didn't really hydrate my lip so i didn't know why so many people crazy about this lipbalm. 
I feel cheated :( 

If you know me in real life, you will know that i love domo! I have tons of domo bags, wallet, coin pouch, soft toys etc! 
And.....I bought a new domo wallet again! But it okay! This time the wallet is long and it is furry!!!! :D 

I also bought this pink chocolate box that written honey and sweet :D 
It is a double layer box so i can put money in it or maybe accessories and it soooo cute!

I also bought this one for Claire as well, as a belated birthday present! I hope she like it even though is not purple colour. They run out of colour as it only have pink and brown. And the brown colour is so ugly plus the design is different. 

So my mum help me wrapped the present up :D Because i never ever know how to wrap!
After that, we went to supermarket and buy lots of foods! 

Heehee :P My favourite Nutella :P

Biscuit for grandmother :D 

Garlic Bread :D 

Chicken nuggets that have cheese inside! 

Chicken wings :D 

Onion rings :D 

Mum also bought you tiao :)

Bought this for my dad too :) This duck porridge damn nice! Among all the porridge i have eaten, this is the best!
So we also went to eat, after shopping for so much! :D 
And then my brother using my phone to camwhore and take pictures of my mum!

Hahahaha :D my mum so cute :D 

So here is my brother :P


So, this is random! Hahahaha! My finger injured last week :(
Anyway, later at night. We went out to eat dinner :D So this is what we eat :D 

Fried rice :D

Fish with rice :D

And cousin mummy bake cookies for us to eat! :D it look so pretty and cute! :D Remember to read my previous post if you hasn't! It about her food blogshop - Treats for joy! :D 

And all my beloved readers, stay tune for my next blog post! I will be blogging about Watson Haul ! :D 

Until next time :D See ya! :D 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Treats for Joy ;)

Hello everyone!!! Whoever reading this should really continue reading if you LOVE TO EAT! Heehee :D So one of my cousin mum decided to open blogshop that sell....................FOODS! I know right!!!!!! People sell clothes, accessories and illegal contact lens and now got people sell foods online!!!!! It is suitable to those who have sweet tooth and if you have some event coming up, this is also suitable for you to order! 
They did give my family to try their products and it is really delicious! 

Let see some of the pictures that i have tried! 

This is called 
Chocolate Lollies

This is really nice!!!! I'm not really good at describing foods but when i say nice, it is really very nice!

They have different topping to choose from. Mine is White Chocolate With Rainbow Toppings.

They have other toppings such as Rainbow Toppings and Nuts + Rainbow Toppings. 


This is called 
Mini Cookies Bites

Different Flavour 
White: Vanilla 
Brown: Coffee 
Green: Green Tea

The green tea is not so sweet. Suitable to those that love green tea and not sweet cookies:)

The coffee is to those coffee lover! I personally love the coffee one :P
But it is funny because i don't really like drinking coffee :P 

And there are also a classic simple vanilla one :D 

They also have other delicious foods and also pretty packaging :D Do check their blog Treats for Joy  for more information! Please like their Treats for Joy Facebook page too! :D 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Annoying unknown Phone Calls!

Hi guys! I'm back with a new post! On previous post.....Or maybe 2 previous post, i once mention about the annoying unknown phone calls! So today, i will be talking about that! Firstly, pictures!

I know it was wrong to post the number here but it was so annoying! I don't even know who the hell is this person! -.- Because i normally do not answer unknown phone call and normally the person will stop calling after a while. 
And my "a while" is 1 to 2 phone calls.
And this particular person here just keep calling using 2 different number! 

Since their first 4 digit is the same, i conclude it is from the same company/house number therefore, same people. 

At first, my uncle help me listen the phone call and my uncle say it is a guy and he say wrong number. 
After that, it keeps calling again! WTF! YOU KNOW IS WRONG NUMBER YET STILL CALL! CB! 

So, i was kind of annoyed therefore, i did answer.

And guess what! IS A WOMEN. And after i say hello, she immediately say is wrong number! -.- 

I was so annoyed that i told my parents and bandmates. Wen Jiang was so kind that he decided to prank call them. And that's the shocking thing happen. Wen Jiang tell me that the call directed to voice message and it said something about Paya Lebar church....And i was like what?! I'm not even Christian and how come is voice message because i was talking with a person and not voice message. It kind of freaky because that time was like the starting of seventh month which is ghost festival so yah.....BUT I WAS STILL ANNOYED! 

So, Marcus actually help me check if i can block the phone call but apparently i does not have enough memories space in my phone therefore, i can't download application to block. So, my dad said if she call again, he will answer. But the thing is, she ALWAYS call at night and my dad work night shift so he will never ever get to talk to her so i told my sister. Sister said if this continue, just call police to make a report so i was like okay lor. 

And then one day, she call again. The first time i answer i was really polite and say hello, who are you? 
Then she say wrong number and put down the phone. 
After a while she call again -.- This really piss me off because it is not the first time.
Therefore, i shout across the phone and i was like WHO ARE YOU? 
And i think she scared or what she immediately kup the phone! Damn rude please! 
Because i haven even finish my scolding yet!
And after that she never call again. 
Which is good. She better don't call again because i will really go make a police report and i also will scold her.
I mean like, if you call wrong the first time i will forgive and forget but she, call so many time and so many days and everytime i answered she say wrong number! Since she know is wrong number, why she call again?! This is so stupid! -.- 
Argh! Anyway, this matter already over so i will just forget about it but i still think this deserve to blog on my entries to let all of the world know this number. And this number is really from Paya Lebar Church because i went to google search. Please Paya Lebar Church people, stop calling me, it really pissing me off.

DISCLAIMER:  I'm not scolding about their religion and stuffs. I'm just mad that they keep calling me even though they know is wrong number. I'm mad about the person that calling me. Not Jesus and not those innocent people. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Chinese O level result :)

Hi everyone! Just a quick update! I am very happy to announce i get A1 for my Chinese O level!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!! I want to thank myself and most importantly god! :D Since i get this result, i does not need to retake so can save money! But i know my Emaths O-level confirm need retake de! Anyway, now i am wondering if i should take higher Mother Tongue.....Haiz... So confusing.... Now, i have to focus on my Emaths....I'm so scared! Hahahaha!! That's all bye :D Later still have to go ERT! JIAYOUFANN!! YOU CAN DO IT! 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Last Sunday - Outing with MUM :D / RANDOM STUFFS

Hello everyone! Finally have the time to blog! Actually.....I don't really have time but because i'm a responsible blogger *ahem* I guess i should dig out some time to blog for you readers :P Anyway, after finish blogging this, i should go bathe, do my homework and off to ERT :D I know i'm hardworking! No need praise me :P Moving on!~ I have so far receive all the prelim exam result and so far so good. I think it is because i haven take my O-level prelim Maths, so haven spoiled my mood yet because i can predict i will do really badly for my maths. Anyway, tomorrow is the day that i receive my O-level Chinese result....I'm kind of anxious.....Hopefully i can get A1....I have a high expectation on Chinese so obviously i will target really high! I swear that if i never get A1, i will retake O-level Chinese again and i mean it! So.... *cross finger* God, please grant my wish please....... I really did put in effort in this Chinese exam..... :( 

So yah, let's move on~ 

So last Sunday, i accompany my mum to fetch brother to tuition so we always end up shopping :D And i finally bought Ebenezer birthday present :D 

So firstly, is my random outfit! Which is meaningless because that day i didn't wear like that :P But i'm vain so i'm gonna post ;P

Okay :D That's all! Moving on~

So me and my mum decided to eat breakfast first :P 

The breakfast set :P


Kaya Bread :P


My lovely MUM :D 

So after eating and watch finish TV show (Which is doraemon because the coffee shop have TV), we went shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~ That's really crazy! I spend a lot of money!

So firstly, I bought this sleeveless shirt in pink and the words is floral!!!!!!~ 

I love the back part because it have like.....A ribbon detail in it :) 

I also bought this for myself and brother :D 

One of the reason why i bought it is because the monkey is really cute :D

So, i also bought Ebenezer this white shirt which is dark blue at the sleeve area! :)
Thank goodness that he like it :P

My mum also bought brother this shirt! :)
And also this socks :D 

All the clothes above + the socks is bought from Hang Ten. As they are having a promotion sale so the price become affordable for me to buy! So, obviously i will bought it because their clothes material is really soft and comfy plus it is on promotion so the price will not be so crazily expensive. 


I also went to Daiso to bought this little jug :P 

I bought this is because my microwave need it :P
So at night, my brother, mum and i go out and eat dinner :D 

That's my true outfit :P

And my brother here :P
Moving on to random stuffs!

My sister bought me a pink file which have 40 pockets! 
Not only that, this file cost less than $5!!!! 

My sister also bought fruits beer! Oh my god it is damn cool at first until i try to taste it! 
And i'm not going to doesn't taste like fruits at all! It is not sweet, bitter like hell to me.

Stock up some milk! I LOVE MILK! 

My sister also bought soya bean! It is not really nice compare to the famous laoban beancurd! 
So yah.....But the colour is beautiful and is different flavour!  

So, i finally get to eat/drink mushroom soup!!!!! Thanks uncle!!!!!

Oh! And also tang yuan! 

So yah! That's all for now! BYE :D