Thursday, August 15, 2013

Amaths okay ;)

yo yo sup! I'm back again to blog! Probably a very short one! So today Amaths prelim exam is quite easy and doable! Hope i can pass! 

So tomorrow will be FNN prelim exam which is my last exam!!!! Kind of don't want my usual school schedule to be back yet hahahaha! So yes, it's also time for me to go back school at night for ERT to study! I find myself study a lot more harder and don't procrastinate when i'm in school! Yeah! That's the weird thing of me! Maybe because school don't have any distraction so i can focus more! 

Oh! Today do a really paiseh thing! I go push my school library door and it can't open!!!!! Until Lingli shout at me and say is pull.....LOL! Embarrassed much! The librarian uncle was like what the hell this mad girl pushing a door so hard....LOL! *facepalm* 

Okay that's all for now! I probably gonna rest and then study FNN!!!!! LEGGOOOO!!!!!!!!!!~  :D 

Hope this move though!!! I LOVE HIM!!! He was like my only idol that i can fangirl  :P
He so cute!!!!!!!~ 
Okay that's all! BYE! :D 

PS: I still love Eben okay!! 

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