Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Annoying unknown Phone Calls!

Hi guys! I'm back with a new post! On previous post.....Or maybe 2 previous post, i once mention about the annoying unknown phone calls! So today, i will be talking about that! Firstly, pictures!

I know it was wrong to post the number here but it was so annoying! I don't even know who the hell is this person! -.- Because i normally do not answer unknown phone call and normally the person will stop calling after a while. 
And my "a while" is 1 to 2 phone calls.
And this particular person here just keep calling using 2 different number! 

Since their first 4 digit is the same, i conclude it is from the same company/house number therefore, same people. 

At first, my uncle help me listen the phone call and my uncle say it is a guy and he say wrong number. 
After that, it keeps calling again! WTF! YOU KNOW IS WRONG NUMBER YET STILL CALL! CB! 

So, i was kind of annoyed therefore, i did answer.

And guess what! IS A WOMEN. And after i say hello, she immediately say is wrong number! -.- 

I was so annoyed that i told my parents and bandmates. Wen Jiang was so kind that he decided to prank call them. And that's the shocking thing happen. Wen Jiang tell me that the call directed to voice message and it said something about Paya Lebar church....And i was like what?! I'm not even Christian and how come is voice message because i was talking with a person and not voice message. It kind of freaky because that time was like the starting of seventh month which is ghost festival so yah.....BUT I WAS STILL ANNOYED! 

So, Marcus actually help me check if i can block the phone call but apparently i does not have enough memories space in my phone therefore, i can't download application to block. So, my dad said if she call again, he will answer. But the thing is, she ALWAYS call at night and my dad work night shift so he will never ever get to talk to her so i told my sister. Sister said if this continue, just call police to make a report so i was like okay lor. 

And then one day, she call again. The first time i answer i was really polite and say hello, who are you? 
Then she say wrong number and put down the phone. 
After a while she call again -.- This really piss me off because it is not the first time.
Therefore, i shout across the phone and i was like WHO ARE YOU? 
And i think she scared or what she immediately kup the phone! Damn rude please! 
Because i haven even finish my scolding yet!
And after that she never call again. 
Which is good. She better don't call again because i will really go make a police report and i also will scold her.
I mean like, if you call wrong the first time i will forgive and forget but she, call so many time and so many days and everytime i answered she say wrong number! Since she know is wrong number, why she call again?! This is so stupid! -.- 
Argh! Anyway, this matter already over so i will just forget about it but i still think this deserve to blog on my entries to let all of the world know this number. And this number is really from Paya Lebar Church because i went to google search. Please Paya Lebar Church people, stop calling me, it really pissing me off.

DISCLAIMER:  I'm not scolding about their religion and stuffs. I'm just mad that they keep calling me even though they know is wrong number. I'm mad about the person that calling me. Not Jesus and not those innocent people. 

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