Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Another haters of mine :) Oh well!

Yes! As you can see from the title above, you can already guess what i'm going to say again! Yes! I say AGAIN! Because i already blog one hater before which you can read here. http://jiayoufann.blogspot.sg/2013/07/haters-gonna-hate-d.html

Anyway, let's start this pathetic hater journey :)

So one random day while scrolling down my Instagram i suddenly saw this!

Seriously girl? Even if i'm ugly also no need say right? Keep your comment to yourself if you have nothing good to say!
 I guess you just saying this to make yourself feel better. Pity you man! Tsktsk!

So i went ahead and see her profile and realise................

Not bad wor! Still know how to private it so we can't see your photos and stuff like that! 

This girl not only comment on my photo, but she also comment multiple time on one of my schoolmates photos! Seriously.....I can see that this girl is super insecure about herself. But does she really need to do that? We are all girls! Of course we all insecure of our look but i think it is not necessary to leave bad comment! Well, look at her profile picture. Just look! Isn't she pretty? She have sharp chin, slim face and tall nose! Unfortunately, she does not have a good heart.....

She have no idea how this small comment will have big impact for other. You may not know. Maybe after reading your comment she may be even more insecure. Worse still, what if she go commit suicide? Seriously, people is getting more and more childish -.- Won't think of consequences. And let me tell you girl, leaving this type of hurtful comment won't make you any prettier. It just define how worst you are on the inside. 

And thank for Li wen for helping me. But seriously i 100% agree with what Li wen said. 
"Ugly is not determine by look but how you treat people." 
I love how Li wen said that sentence! *thumb up*

So long story cut short. I have block this person. It so tiring to deal with this kind of childish people. So i just press "block" everything solve since she can't make any more comment on my photos. If she want, she can create more accounts just to bring me down and in the end who is the exhausted one? Of course is you yourself. I just need to press "block" while you still need to create this and that in order to have one account. And, that is a very stupid act! Hahahaha! :D So yah, everything solve :) One hater down :) 

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