Monday, August 19, 2013


Hi guys! I'm back again to blog! Been really lazy to blog and transfer my photos to my computer so yah....I should just talk about today instead of complaining about the unknown call and rude Singtel services! Been really unlucky because last week our WiFi spoiled and we still encounter rude Singtel services (Will blog about it soon) and also printer spoiled! WTH!!! I know i know we are so unlucky! But it's okay :) So today, i get to know 2 results which is combine biology and chemistry and Amaths! As expected, my Amaths pass :D WEEE!!!!~ Time to celebrate!!!! And also of course i pass my combine science too! Which is awesome to pass! Although it's not really well done :P Anyway, really looking forward for my Geography and Social Studies results which we can say is combine humanities results........I already can expect i failed my humanities....Like....Seriously -.- But it's okay once again! I will try harder next time which is my N-level! Hahahaha!! :P So, my friends have been keep receiving my Minhyuk photo!!! 

Obviously this is i edit de.....LOL..... :P

And they will kinda piss! Hahahaha! So yah....I should stop sending but.....I CAN'T HELP IT!!! OH MY GOD!!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA I TALK ABOUT HIM ALL THE TIME IN MY FRIENDS WHATAPP GROUP! Hahahaha! :D Oh! And i have finally bought my cutiepie Ebenezerbelated birthday presents :D Yes! I bought him clothes!!!!  The material is really soft and comfy so i hope he will like it!!! (I will blog about this soon too) So yah! That's all for today! BYE! :D 

PS: So guys! If you are in express maths class, you will know that our maths teacher did mention about the NDP song parody! So here is the link :D Stay tune at the end because it really quite funny! I first known this video through Ebenezer when he came to my house that day :P 

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