Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I'm screwed :(

Hi people! Just finish my Geography prelim exam and i already can predict what kind of result i will get :( It's really sad luh! :( I already can predict i failed my humanities prelim! This is the most difficult Geography exam i ever do!!! And guess what! The question didn't mix together!!! FUCK! Don't know which teacher tell us have mix!!!!! Make me read the whole things and cannot focus on 2 chapter that is important! And you know what!!!!!!! Other class have hint and our???? NONE! WTF is this???? Isn't this so unfair???? Want us get good grade yet telling us fake news cb! I don't know that N-level Geography exam do not mix question until today Mr Sofian tell me!!!!!! Argh! cb! Seriously rage mode on. Confirm this year prelim screw until don't know how to screw anymore -.- Worse still! My effort never even pay off! CB! -.- Seriously piss off now! My prelim overall mark confirm worse than my mid year mark and my top 10 position definitely fly until don't know where liao! -.- Okay i should stop here and cool down. People today better don't talk to me, my tone will not be that nice. -.-
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