Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Last Wednesday - Band rock :D

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of update! Have been really busy as this week is my prelim week! Already finish my English, English listening, Biology, Chemistry and Social Studies prelim exam! All i can say is this year prelim quite hard.....Don't know is i deprove or what...Haiz....So now, i left with Geography, Amaths and FNN paper! And since tomorrow Geography paper is in the afternoon, i decided to update a bit for you readers :) 

So last Wednesday, our school celebrate National Day! So, there will be a lot of CCA group performing and of course, there will be band performing too :D So, i wore brother red T-shirt which is so big and comfy!! It kind of weird that i wearing red T-shirt and see the performance because this is my first time seeing! The past 3 years i have been wearing band uniform and performing with the band downstair! Ahhh....Miss those time.... After that, morning i already saw them rehearsing! So i went there to give them support! Especially Siew Yi because i know she confirm very anxious one. But nontheless, the performance is a successful one and band did a good job! :D I actually kind of worry but soon, i know they can do it! After listening what they play and stuff, i realise they improve a lot which is great! It sound so nice and awesome!!!! Okay! That's all for my wordy wordy words! Time for pictures :D  (Pictures is not in order)

Yes i zoom in! Because i damn far from band :( 

This is how far i'm standing......le sigh.....But it okay! I still heard them perfectly well! :) AND IS AWESOME! ;)

So the modern dance dancing :) And a guy dance floor dancing and i was impress because the parade square floor damn rough and he manage to spin himself on the floor. 

Then drum :)

NCC performance! I swear it also damn nice!!! The way they spin their gun! Impressive *thumb up*

After that choir :)

So i saw band on the canteen there......

And realise they need to gather :)

Seriously the place i stand is damn far!!!! Argh!!!! This picture actually is to capture Mr Chin one! I know you can't see anyone clearly -.- 
 Mr Chin actually singing!
But after that, I'm glad to say Jonathan near band and he capture a lot! I should upload here ! :D 
( Pictures below credit to Jonathan Ngoh)

I saw my French Horn juniors!!!!!!!!~ A bunch of cutie pie!!! :D 

So yah that's all :D

See how i customise the soft toy :P

I know is too late to say this but whatever!

Happy 48th Birthday Singapore :D

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