Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Birthday Presents :D

Hello guys! I'm back with a new post :D Anyway, 30 July is my birthday and therefore i should show you gift that people give me :D Anyway, i only receive 4 presents so i guess this will be a short post :D So my birthday is like any other day, nothing special. But i think my best birthday gift should be getting back my Geography paper that day and finally my whole entire secondary school life this is like my highest Geography mark in Fann whole history! Hahahaha! :D I get 33/50!!!! Oh my god! Clap for Fann please! 

And i'm bless that my birthday that day nothing horrible thing happen that ruin my mood so.....PHEW!~ 

So here is my birthday gift! :D

Firstly, my mum give me Angbao which i didn't take picture of it :P Hahahaha :D It secretive ;)

Secondly, my dad buy me sushi and birthday cake :D 

Chocolate cake as usual :P

Thirdly, my sister give me shoes that is damn pretty!!!
And it arrive yesterday :D

Red heel with ribbon :D

Sorry, too excited to take picture and forget about to make the shoes lace.....

I try this on and easy to walk. Although look like high heel, it feel like wearing flat shoes :)
Perfect for people don't know how to wear high heel and want height!

So, my sister also bought herself too :) Which i will show you now :D

This is mad high.....I wonder how she will be able to wear it....

And flat :)

Okay that's all for shoes! Moving on :)

So, fourthly, Claire give me chocolate!!!!!!!!!!! :D

So that's all :D BYE! :D 

A little random here! This is so nice :D Stingray sambal chilli! *thumb up*

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