Friday, August 16, 2013

NO MORE EXAM!!!!!~ :(

Hello! I'm back again to blog about today :) Well, today is FNN exam which is not that bad.....I think i will pass but still.....Won't get that well though....It okay! :D Anyway, exam is already OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!~ *THROW BOOKS & FLIP TABLES*

 LOL! Just kidding.....I still have Chinese and Emaths exam next week in preparation of O-level :( So sad...... argh!!!!!~ 

Later still have to go back and study with Lingli and Ziyun! Yes! I go to ERT! hahahaha :D So hardworking i know ;) Decided to practice my Emaths harder....MUST PASS!!!! Hahahaha!!! Okay luh! Nothing to talk about it le....... Maybe i should blog about my instagram hater soon....And the unknown number that keep calling me (Although she already stop but i decided to still blog about it) . Oh! The whatapp record thingy is so fun! Now I was like rarely type anymore! I just record and send! Typing is too mainstream ;). 


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