Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Saturday - Productive Day - Not studies though. / Sunday- Outing with mum

Sorry guys!!!!!!!!! I know i have not been blogging for many days!!!!! Been really busy and lazy! So here is the update for Last Saturday and Sunday! :D

- Saturday :D
So it is been a productive day for me! Don't be mistaken! It not those study productive kind! Is food productive kind! Hahahaha :D So the lazy Fann have been baking hash brown and sandwiches that contain ham, margarine and cheese ~~~~ I know right! So delicious! :P I also put hair mask, hair serum on that day! Damn hardworking! Oh! I also put body lotion! Oh my god! Damn productive! Didn't know where i have the motivation to do all this thing but not study.....Oh well.....Whatever :P It still do me good isn't it? At least to my skin and hair :D So let move on to the picture :D It all about foods!!!!!~

Familiar with this eggtart?  It is from Nex! And i say a lot of time that if you waited until 9pm at Nex, the eggtarts will all be $1~~~~~~~

Breads that contain all the delicious goodness that haven been in the oven yet! 

Now they are in!
My oven degree is 120 degree Celsius when i put my breads inside.
It inside for 25-30 minutes. 
That's my perfect time and temperature! What about your?

See the cheese melting!!!!!!!! Ahhhhh!!! That's the goodness! 
It look ugly but it tastes good so don't judge! 
Plus everything is hot, melted and the bread is somewhat toasted! :D

So my uncle gave me french fires! But it so cold and....well... I don't know how to describe the texture....It just not nice. 
So i pop it in the oven and let it get heated! So it all become hot and crispy :P

So our family eat A LOT! Therefore, this is not enough! NO! 

So my mum steam Siew Mai!!!!

This is still not cook....

This is the cook one! So yummy! :D 
I rather use steaming method than pop it in the microwave....
Because the texture is different so yah....I prefer steaming :)

What is life without milk?!

Tell me!!!!! What is life without milk?????

So yes! I have fall deeply in love with milk! Don't ask me why but i love milk now! I basically can't live without it :P

But that day i drink......


Not only that, my sister bought cheesecake :D 


That's all for Saturday :D 

So last Friday i lend a good book! 

I already almost finishing it! 
 Oh! And i did eat this again the other day! It just so nice :D

So this fried rice is i don't know what time eat de LOL

Couple tee with my brother yo!~ ;) 

- Sunday :D

So, i and my mum go out together :D 


McDonald Breakfast!!!!!!!!!~

My mum :P

I bought this skort :D So pretty! Suit those girl that doesn't like to wear skirt! 
If you don't know what skort mean, it mean that it is a short that look like skirt :D

So i went to Daiso and bought this :P
It look like the Maybelline palette...
However, the colour is not really pigmented and i kind of like brush off all the colour....LOL 
And, it not waterproof....
Not really good but it is from Daiso....We can't expect too much anyway! :)
But i think if i use primer......It should be okay :) I think it will stay....I THINK!
So yah that's all about it :D 

End off with....

Eben serious working *serious face*

BYE!!!!!! :D
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