Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hougang Pasar Malam / Watson Haul :D

Hello everyone! Sorry for not updating as frequently as possible but i'm trying! Anyway, i have finally decided 2 things! One is going to prom night or graduation night as you all always called. Second, taking Higher Mother Tongue! I know right! I will work hard de! So, i'm going to apologies because i won't update as frequently during this month of year. The reason is simple because i need to concentrate on my N and O level :) My N level is starting really really soon! Like, right after the 1 week holiday, it will be my N level! So MAYBE, this will be my last post until N and O level finish! Okay! Enough of me saying unrelated stuffs! Let's start the topic! 

One fine day, my family and I went to Hougang and eat chicken rice :D Hougang chicken rice is the best seriously! Trust me! 

Don't you think this picture look so blurry yet artistic? My brother capture it and i forget to post on my previous post so i should post here :P

After eating, we went to Pasar Malam and shop!!!!!

And i bought skort! :D I love skort! Skort is basically look like skirt but it is actually short :D 

The back look the same as the top picture :)

I love this pink skort! 

And it is really cheap! 3 for $10!!! However, the auntie cheat us and say is the last piece :( Then we pick 2 skort that is spoiled (the belt area). After that, we walk for another one round and saw new skort there!
I was so angry! So, my mum take my 2 spoiled skort and change ! :D I have a cool family :D  

My mum also bought 3 pants for my brother :) 

Since, my sister have Watson card plus Watson is having promotion that day.
Member discount 35% i think! 
So we bought a lot!
And spend over $100+
The Watson shop is SUPER CROWDED! We still have to 'Q' in order to go in and shop! 

We bought this essential hair mask :D 
I heard from bubzbeauty that this hair mask work pretty good so i decided to give it a try when i finish my Sunsilk hair mask :D 

I have finally bought this whole set (excluding the mask) !!!
I saw this from Xiaxue blog so i decided to change my skincare products! I will post my current skincare products at the end even though i'm going to change to this real soon! 

Since i didn't bought the mask from the above skincare products, i bought this mask instead :D 

Also stock up our concealer :P 
Concealer is super important in makeup !
I also saw Michelle Phan products, em. But i didn't buy it because it supers expensive and what i saw is only blush. And our blush still haven use finish yet! 

We also bought our contact lens solution and the sweet that have vitamin! It taste good though :P

Last but not least, sweet and chocolate! :D 
 Anyway that's the end of the Watson haul :D We total bought 12 items from Watson! 
Maybe to some people it's not a lot, but to me it is! 
 Anyway, this is my current skincare products!

Yes, the brand simple :P 
It work quite good too!
So that's the end of this post :D Until next time, BYE! :D
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